On World Child Labor Day, Ritesh Rawal Foundation launches ‘Learning by Doing Movement’ to Transform Education Differently


New Delhi, 13th June 2019: The Ritesh Rawal Foundation – working towards student education from various strata’s of the society has launched a Nationwide campaign ‘Learning by Doing movement’ on the occasion of World Child Labor Day. The movement aims to provide firsthand experience of Learning by Doing concept to the kids in government schools across India and promoting education to eliminate child labor from India.

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After the successful pilot run of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand, Ritesh Rawal Foundation is planning to launch ‘Learning by Doing movement” all over India covering 7-8 states by the end of the yearThe movement aims to reach out to over more than 50,000 students across 10-12 districts of India. Around 2000 students have already got benefited under this movement and as a part of the program, the students will be a starter kit and each school would be given a learning by doing movement kit to facilitate art & craft, sports, story book corner to develop the habit of reading and enhance creative thinking and teachers will be taught on how to use them. Teachers are also being trained to use technology and digital methods of teaching to better engage and enhance the learning capability of students.

Mr. Ritesh Rawal, Founder, Ritesh Rawal Foundation said. “The organization aims to implement its ideas by collaborating with local government bodies and later on influencing at the policy level with an objective to achieve standardization.” According to research, 10 million kids in India are involved in child labor practices in one way or the other and knowledge gap is one of the major factors behind the condition. Therefore, we have decided to minimize and eradicate child labor from India by using education as one of the mediums.

In times, when schools have started to move towards Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and many schools have integrated tablets and smart devices, whereas, education in rural India is still dependent on the traditional methods of books and blackboards.

We are also planning to launch an app where we are going to induct teachers and local government representatives to build an ecosystem where problems and their solutions can be exchanged for the upliftment of the current education standards in rural areas.” added Mr. Ritesh Rawal, Founder, Ritesh Rawal Foundation.

About Ritesh Rawal Foundation

Ritesh Rawal foundation was started by an innovator and entreprenure Mr. Ritesh Rawal, his mission is to “Transform Education Differently” and he wants to serve the nation by nurturing all the stratas of society through various initiatives in the field of education.

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