100% Job Selection: Online Computer Certification Course [ Only ₹ 299 /-]

The education sector in India is no longer bound to just classrooms. Thanks to new start-ups and higher internet and smartphone penetration, the online learning platform in India is growing rapidly.

The e-learning market in India is estimated to be around $3 billion. The central government’s efforts to make digital learning available to students in every part of the country is also improving the sector.

Currently, online training in India focuses equally on both school and college-based courses as well as mid-level professional courses.

For instance, Easyshiksha provides online test series for all engineering,medical and other entrance tests in India. The company aims to help students focus on the right subjects and contents rather than swim blindly in an ocean of study materials available across different media. Also, they focus on convenience-based training because online capability enables students to get access to subjects anytime and anywhere.


According to studies, India and China will lead the growth in project management roles, generating about 4 million and 8.1 million roles, respectively, by 2020. Hence, the business looks to grow from now on.

Another reason why online training will gain momentum is because of the need for re-skilling, For instance, about a decade ago, all that a software professional was required to know were programming languages. Now these professionals need to update themselves on other aspects like big data analytics and cloud computing. Better salary hikes and promotions are also the reasons why people undertake new courses.

Many sites provide online certification in various courses,some charge money while others don’t. For example Easyshiksha offers online certification courses in various courses for free.