Over 80% of Finance and Accounting students choose professional certifications for enhanced career prospects: Survey


A survey conducted by Zell Education reveals that approximately 84% of Finance and Accounting students are actively investing in industry certification/accreditation like CFA, CPA etc, to secure their chances of employment. 

August 2023: Zell Education, India’s leading finance and accounts Ed-tech platform,  has recently released its survey results conducted among Finance and Accounting students across India. 84% of students have actively invested in various industry credentials like CFA, CPA, CMA, ACCA etc., to solidify their chances to tap good employment opportunities. 

Out of 1000+ respondents, the difference between male v/s female students in the Finance and Accounting field is marginal (52% V/S 46%), signaling a positive change amongst female students competing with their male counterparts steadily. Though younger students ranging from 18-24 years are more inclined to pursue certification compared to professionals of 25-34 years at 15%. Only 2.8% of professionals in the range of 35-44 years seek any additional credentials. 

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All Tier I metro cities have the highest percentage of respondents 63%  investing in certification/s, followed by Tier II cities at 8% and 4.6% from Tier III cities. Additionally, an impressive 74% of respondents are currently pursuing certification. 75% of respondents have cited better career prospects as the leading factor in pursuing education in the Finance and Accounting field, closely followed by 65% of respondents reporting personal interest. 37% of respondents have quoted educational exposure as their driving factor while only 16% have taken this decision based on family/friend influence. 

Financial Analyst emerges at the top as a career of choice, followed by Investment Banking, Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Planning roles at 37%, 24%, 17%, 14% and 6%, respectively. 46% of respondents also firmly believe that earning certification will lead to high-earning opportunities, while 35% aim for career advancement. Job stability, Challenging work and Work-Life balance at 7%, 6% and 5% are some other reasons to pursue a career in this field.

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Anant Bengani, the Co-Founder & Director of Zell education said,“ Survey reveals a powerful shift in finance education. With 84% of Finance and Accounting students embracing professional certifications like CFA and CPA, the landscape is changing. Gender parity, urban dominance, and a focus on career prospects underline this trend. As aspirations align, certifications are pivotal for skill elevation and enhanced employability in a competitive job market.”

Interestingly, most respondents are students and professionals; 50% still consider themselves beginners, and only 4% at advanced levels. In tandem with the in-demand roles, 36% of respondents are interested in Financial Analysis, 24% in Investment Banking, 14% in Auditing, 11% in Financial Reporting, 8% in Taxation and 5% in Risk Management. The private sector, Entrepreneurship and Social service (NGOs) are the leading choices for employment at 73%, 16% and 8%, respectively. 

About Zell Education- Founded in 2015 by enterprising professionals Pratham Barot and Anant Bengani, Zell Education bridges the gap between academic excellence and practical skill development. As a cutting-edge learning platform, Zell offers comprehensive training to aspiring finance and accounting students. Zell Education is a leading institute focused on preparing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in finance and accounting in today’s competitive world.

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