Pratibha Syntex distributing cooked food to around 500 people daily

distributing cooked food

In line with local administration, Pratibha Syntex Ltd is distributing cooked food to 500 people on daily basis.

The meal is being prepared by 50 employees of the company, who wished to contribute to the noble cause. The food is cooked, while taking all out efforts to keep the hygiene intact. Hand gloves, masks and headgears are made mandatory for all employees, while cooking the food. The area was also fumigated a day before to ensure cleanliness.

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The program will be continued until the next few days to help the people, who are in dire need.

Meanwhile, Pratibha Syntex has distributed around 15000 masks in slum areas of Pithampur with the help of local administration.

With all of India on a strict stay-at-home lockdown, workers dependent on daily earnings are struggling to eat. SAC member Prathiba Syntex, an apparel manufacturer based in Pithampur, is cooking food as a voluntary service to help fight hunger. Pratibha Syntex employees on the company campus are cooking and packaging food, which is then distributed by Pithampur Municipal Corporation, the local governing body. In April, Pratibha Syntex fed 10,000 people in just 11 days. To date, the company has fed a total of 15,000 people.

While manufacturing this much-needed PPE, Pratibha Syntex is ensuring the safety of its workers through numerous initiatives. All employees going to the offices have their temperature taken and are advised to wear masks. Hand washing stations have been installed around the offices, which are regularly cleaned to ensure employee safety. In response to the lockdown established by the Indian government, the company gave all of its employees paid leave and is providing medical assistance to workers and their families. It is also encouraging people to stay home, properly wash their hands, and stay safe on social media.

The manufacturer is also supporting local healthcare workers in need of personal protective equipment (PPE). In Madhya Pradesh, a large state in central India, there is a significant shortage of PPE for medical personnel. Through a collaboration with the government, Pratibha Syntex is manufacturing PPE kits, masks, gloves, and other essential medical supplies to protect frontline healthcare workers.

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