Rahul Dev

Hari Dutt Sharma Award Ceremony  in Nehru Memorial Auditorium, Teenmurti invited General V.K.Singh, Suresh Prabhu, Janardhan Dwivedi, Vinod Agnihotri, Ashok Chakradhar,  Sandeep Marwah, Raj Kumar Sharma to honor Mr. Rahul Dev.

New Delhi, 13th July`19: Eminent journalist Mr. Rahul Dev was awarded with Haridutt Sharma award which was held by the former Haridutt Sharma’s family members and Pandit Hari Dutt Sharma Jayanti Puraskar Samiti on 12th July, 2019 at Nehru Memorial Auditorium, Teenmurti. Union Minister for Health Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of State for Transport General V.K.Singh, Former Union Minister for Railways Suresh Prabhu, Congress Leader Janardhan Dwivedi, Journalist Vinod Agnihotri, Writer and Poet Ashok Chakradhar, Chairman of Asian Film and Television Institute Sandeep Marwah and Organizer Raj Kumar Sharma were all the distinguished guests at the event.

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Pandit Hari Dutt Sharma Jayanti Puraskar Samiti’ finds it necessary to give honor to the most deserving journalist every year. Pandit Haridutt Sharma who was India’s emblem journalist, successful writer, prominent thinker, sounding speaker, passionate social worker, skilled administrator, and a politician. An award after his name is given to people for positive journalism, writings and social service. This year Mr. Rahul Dev Was Honoured with Pandit Hari Datt Sharma Award along with a cash price of Rs. 51,000/- commendation letter, a souvenir and a shawl.

Mr. Harsh Vardhan stated the value and importance of hari datt sharma award and gave a token of appreciation to all the dignitaries and highlighted thier key achievements. He also discussed how health in India has become an improving sector.  He also shared that although Janardhan Dwivedi has been into congress party but we share a good token of respect for each other. India is lucky to have the hand of a general on its head in the form of Mr. VK singh. He highlighted that India has marked its presence in all over the world. He stated that Rahul Dev is a prominent hindi journalist who always followed his values and still have a will to stick to his native language and his unbiased opinions in his profession throughout.

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