Seven healthcare startups incubated at NSRCEL-IIM Bangalore begin their “Lab to Market” journey

NSRCEL-IIM Bangalore

Bengaluru, 11th January 2022: NSRCEL, the startup hub at IIM Bangalore, has selected 7 early-stage healthcare startups for its final stage of the Incubation Program for Healthcare Startups, which are currently undergoing a 9-month incubation program.

The program is designed to support MVP to Commercialization stage ventures that have the potential to increase access and affordability of healthcare in India.

The structured incubation program provides support to Healthcare innovators and entrepreneurs through their ‘lab to market’ journey. With the NSRCEL healthcare incubation program, both clinicians and hospitals can engage with startups and mentor and monitor the progress of those startups which can contribute to their strategic objectives.

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“The COVID-19 Outbreak was a huge wakeup call for the Indian Healthcare System, and emphasized the role of innovation to make healthcare available, accessible and affordable for the masses. As the first program at NSRCEL focused on healthcare venture, we are excited to see the impact they create.” said Anand Sri Ganesh, COO, NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore.

“This is a first of its kind Incubation program wherein the Clinicians, Technology, Business,  and healthcare industry experts together are nurturing the Ventures for the 1st time in India in a big way,” Said Dr. Prashanth R Reddy, Program Advisor Healthcare Incubation NSRCEL at IIM-B.

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The Incubation Program for Healthcare Startups was launched in early 2021 and received over 300 applications from all over the country. 26 firms were shortlisted for a pre-incubation program, and from there 7 are now undergoing an intensive nine-month incubation journey with NSRCEL.

The ventures selected in this cohort are working in areas like Oncology, Neurology, mental health, HR tech for doctors etc. During their incubation journey they will be engaged in domain-specific support through mentors, industry experts and investors in the Healthcare space. NSRCEL will facilitate networking & peer-learning sessions to explore synergies within and beyond the NSRCEL Startup Ecosystem.

TOP 7 Ventures under Incubation Program for Healthcare Startups –

MedPiper Technologies: In spite of having over a million practitioners, practitioner availability, profiling and outreach is a major bottleneck in the healthcare ecosystem. MedPiper is building a platform where verified practitioners interact with peers, discover work opportunities, career pathways and connect with the industry.

Dial4242 Ambulance Services: Its product platform is using digitization to ease the access to the Ambulance service at affordable prices PAN India level. The platform is creating PAN India level Ambulance network aggregating hundreds of private ambulance operators to ensure that nearby Ambulance service is readily available in case of emergency. The platform is helping to standardize the ambulance rates which as of today are unorganized and charged on Adhoc basis. Dial4242 is also pushing for all payments to be handled in digital way where cash is the prevalent mechanism.

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Dockare: Dockare helps hospitals, researchers and pharmaceuticals to understand their patient’s illness between the hospital visits. There are numerous technologies like EHR , EMR etc for patient’s care inside the hospital. The knowledge however the hospitals have about their patients out in community is ZERO. This weak link leads to patient attrition , non-adherence to the treatment and poor outcome.  Dockare’s patient facing app allows patients to capture their health data in real time on a very simple and intuitive interface. Doctors on the other hand can form secured care teams and provide continuous care while improving efficiency and reducing digital burn out. This shared care model leads in adherence and repeatability for the hospital while improving the outcome of the patient.

Daffodil Health: Daffodil Health is a full-stack digital mental health platform for children with special needs. Our vision is to abolish labels by enabling personalized interventions.

Onward Assist: Onward Assist helps improve cancer treatment outcomes by solving the problem of accurate and timely cancer diagnosis and simplifying the process.   The platform enables cancer pathologists with a seamless digital pathology workflow platform combined with automated analytics tools for specific biomarkers.  The analytical tools analyse images of cancer biopsy slides and assist the cancer pathologist in their reporting process, and hence reducing the reporting process time by 30-40% and improving the accuracy by 12-15% around tumor grading, and cell quantifications.

MayaMD: MayaMD is trying to solve the problem of diagnostic errors and cognitive errors in medical practice by Clinicians by partnering with patients using the power of AI based Clinical intelligence. MayaMD provides hospitals and clinics with a digital front door solution connecting their patients to better insight and virtual care. It allows patients to have their own personal health assistant giving them the most advanced and accurate health insight available including triage, suggested labs & physical signs, differential diagnose sorted by probability and the ability to share this with their provider.

NeuroLeap: NeuroLeap is India’s leading applied neuroscience company. It is leveraging the world’s best brain computer interface technology to understand the human brain and help it work at optimum potential based on the principles of neuroplasticity and operant conditioning using self-regulation. NeuroLeap uses evidence based, proven technology for our clients. It takes a Drug Free, Non-Invasive, No adverse side effects approach for an in-depth assessment and overall enhancement of brain functions like Executive Functions, Attention, Memory, Sleep, Anxiety, mood and much more. NeuroLeap was awarded ‘The Best Mental Health Technology Solution’ by The Economic Times. It has also been featured on BBC World News, CNBC, Fortune, Bangalore Mirror, India Today, Mint and more. Its investors include Mrs Rajashree Birla (Aditya Birla group) and Ms Sminu Jindal (MD, Jindal SAW). NeuroLeap currently has 2 centers operational in Mumbai & New Delhi

 About NSRCEL With programs specifically catering to entrepreneurs with profit ventures and social ventures, also student and women entrepreneurs, NSRCEL offers its support to various players of the startup ecosystem. NSRCEL brings together startups, industry mentors, eminent academicians from its parent institution Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and researchers who thrive on continuous interaction of theory and practice. NSRCEL is also the first incubator with a program tailored for social entrepreneurs and their unique challenges.

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