Small town creators making big on Short video platforms


Short video platforms has created a wave of content on any and every topic. It has swept-off the people who are watching everything and anything making the video’s popular and trending across India. Every creator who thinks he has some hidden talent is now experimenting with the idea of fame and money on these platforms.

Platforms like VMate which has a focus on the interiors of Indian cities & towns is churning out creators who have followings in lakhs and are earning over 1 lakh a month changing their lives for the better. Creators from the Hindi speaking belt from towns like Jaunpur, Moradabad, Katihar etc are earning and making their dreams come true.

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These small town creators are winning cars, TV’s, scooty’s, smartphones, meeting celebrities, participating in national tv shows and what not. Small or big, their dreams are coming true by participating in campaigns which became immensely popular with the masses.

On VMate, Sangeeta Navik from small village near Jaunpur became the 1st car winner, Abdullah Pathan from Moradabad got the opportunity to go on a date with Sunny Leone. Similarly, Ablu Rajesh got the opportunity to share the Nach Baliye stage with his favorite Jodis. The impact of this platform is not just making the small town creators win items on their wishlists, also providing opportunity to meet their favorite celebrity. Creators like Anju, Komal, Naina Jee are now earning over 1 lakh a month, making their life better for good, supporting their family and living a respectable life.

If above anecdotes are making you wonder if it is true, then one has to know about Naina the 4-year-old small wonder who is earning around 70,000 a month and winning the hearts of many with her acting.

These short video platforms are using cutting edge technology to give user the experience of a life-time, the VR stickers, songs, dialogues, movie scenes and what not is being dished out to the users to apply their creativity to become famous.


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