Solutions To Top 5 Concerns Of A Parent Of A Medical Aspirant

Solutions To Concerns Of Parent Of Medical Aspirant

Helping one’s child fulfil his dreams is the top priority of every parent. And if your child has already reached the stage of adolescence, you might be aware of the long list of dreams he or she might have already woven. While every dream of your kid, we are sure, is close to your heart, the ones related to his or her career, is especially important. So, what happens when your child decides to become a doctor? We are sure, there are umpteen concerns that start giving you sleepless nights, after all your child’s dream is your dream too, and you sure don’t want to see your kid disappointed. Well, you are not alone, there are others sailing in the same ship. Here’s a list of concerns which every bother parents of every medical aspirant.

Concern 1: Is my child taking enough nutrition to stay charged for the hectic routine?

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Solution: The dream of wearing the doctor’s coat keeps the medical aspirants on toes. So, staying energetic all day long is important to keep pace with the race. As a parent, you can take good care of the diet of your teenager and serve him/her all the foods that keep the energy quotient high. Substitute oily and spicy fruits with the low-calorie versions. This will help your child feel light and energetic all day long. Excess of caffeine intake will only increase stress and anxiety in your child. So, it’s better to replace the cup of coffee with a glass of juice every time your child needs more energy. Along with the right diet, sufficient sleep is also important. Irregular sleep patterns can make your child lethargic in the long run.

Concern 2: Is my child taking the NEET entrance coaching at the right place?

Solution: As soon as the child opts for the medical stream in school, tensions start brewing in the household. One of the toughest hurdles for every medical aspirant is National Eligibility and Entrance Test, popularly known as NEET. While there are several coaching centers giving NEET entrance coaching, choosing the right one for your child is important. Every parent is apprehensive about the quality of NEET entrance coaching that his/her child is taking. Is my child getting the right attention at the coaching Centre? Is the faculty helping my child improve on his/her weak areas? Is the coaching Centre preparing its students as per the latest format of the NEET? These are some of the common questions that keep bothering the parents of medical aspirants. A NEET entrance coaching institute that has maintained its tradition of excellence can prove helpful to your child. An enquiry about the faculty members at the coaching institute will also help your child in taking the right step towards the entrance test preparation.

Coaching institutes like Aakash are of high repute and have an excellent success rate. Providing medical entrance coaching since 1988, the coaching institute is a trusted name among the medical aspirants. No wonder many parents get their medical aspirant kids enrolled with Aakash for best results.

Concern 3: Is my child getting space to learn at his/her own pace?

Solution: As a parent, not only you should understand the learning pace of your child, the coaching institute too must understand the same. Is the faculty at the coaching institute allowing him/her to learn at a comfortable pace? Modern-day coaching institutes understand your concerns and go out of the traditional teaching way to help your child whenever he/she wants. Many such institutes also have separate sessions for doubt resolution, which help a child deal with various issues in the course.

Concern 4: Is my child too stressed?
Solution: Life of a medical aspirant is not easy. School, coaching and adolescent problems often make the life of your child stressful. No wonder the concern that haunts many a parent is whether their kid is too stressed. While studying is important for your child, it is also important to take out enough time to relax and rejuvenate. We all must have heard of the phrase- “All work and no pay makes Jack a dull boy”. So, It is important to know of ways to bust your child’s stress. Experts often advise to chalk out a correct timetable for the kid in order to help your kid stay stress free. Some amount of physical activity, be it a sport, an exercise or a dancing session, may instill enthusiasm in your child.

Concern 5: Should my child get enrolled for practice test series?
Solution: The practice tests allow medical aspirants to analyse their strengths, weaknesses and over all preparation. This is also useful in finding the loopholes in the preparation and work required thereafter. But, as a parent, you must know when to ask your child to take the practice test. If started too early, it may dissuade your kid, more than helping him/her in staying on the right track. In this scenario, you should motivate your child to take assistance from the experts at the coaching institute and decide for the right time to enroll for the test series.

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Preparation for the competitive NEET entrance test calls for a lot more than just mugging up the chapters of Biology. For practising the problems of Physics and Chemistry with perfection, your child needs to stay energetic. Also, the correct steps need to be taken during the preparation, so that you can motivate your child towards his/her goals.

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