SPARSH Hospitals Unveils Cutting-Edge Robotic Specialty to Transform Medical Care


Bangalore 31st  August 2023- In pursuit of revolutionizing healthcare, SPARSH Hospitals announces the launch of its world-class Robotic Specialty Unit. This new venture marks a significant milestone in the hospital’s commitment to delivering advanced and precise medical interventions, further enhancing patient outcomes and overall quality of care. The Robotic Specialty brings together the best in medical expertise and cutting-edge technology, positioning SPARSH as a pioneer in the field of the latest healthcare innovations. Equipped with the latest robotic systems and led by a team of highly skilled medical professionals, this unit will cater to a wide spectrum of medical specialities.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Muralidhar S Kathalagiri, Consultant Laparoscopic, Bariatric & Robotic Surgeon, “Our Robotic Specialty Unit represents a monumental leap forward in healthcare. We are merging human expertise with cutting-edge technology to redefine the boundaries of medical care. The precision and efficiency of robotic systems, particularly Da Vinci Robotic System will elevate the standard of treatment for our patients.”

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SPARSH Hospital Group has several robotic–trained surgeons who are championing the role of more precise healthcare with the use of such high-end robots and technology across gastroenterology, urology, Oncology, Gynecology and General Surgeries. Robotic surgery’s superiority rests on its ability to harness state-of-the-art technology to facilitate precision, efficiency, and reduced discomfort for patients. The introduction of robotic arms operated by skilled surgeons allows for unparalleled control and accuracy during procedures. As a result, patients experience minimal scarring, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery times.

The Da Vinci X technology is known for its better patient outcomes, ensures less pain, less blood loss and shorter hospital stays. Da Vinci X has innovative features including increased dexterity of equipment, image guidance systems, high-resolution 3D imaging systems, and a control console that lets surgeons get an immersive visualisation as they operate the device. These benefits go a long way in enabling the surgeon and care teams in providing life-enhancing care for their patients.

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