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SPJIMR is a leading school of management in the heart of India’s financial center of Mumbai, inaugurated in 1981 by the then British Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Margaret Thatcher, and have grown over the years to be recognized as one of the top 10 business schools of India. They are a part of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and function as an autonomous Institute with entrepreneurial agility. Our mission is to influence practice and promote value-based growth. We build on this mission through pedagogic innovations and pioneering programmes, which have helped us stand out for our unique and distinctive path in management education.

Vision and Mission


Their vision is to be Asia’s most innovative and socially responsive school of management. SPJIMR offers a unique blend of classroom and non-classroom methods of education. They desire to be the world leader in the non-classroom education.

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To Influence Practice and Promote Value-based Growth. Our students will recognize, understand, and uphold the social relevance of business decisions, including within the underserved sections of society.

They are holding this mission to fulfill their role as a member of the Indian society and Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. They have 4 set of rule. Institute follow these rule to accomplish their mission. These are

  • Learner-centric pedagogy that will emphasize attitudes, including spirituality, and skills as much as knowledge;

  • Exposing students to value-based growth in underserved parts of our communities;

  • Synthesis of competition-based Western efficiency and collaboration-centric Eastern ethos in our intellectual contributions and curriculum;

  • Intellectual contributions aimed at influencing practice.


The SPJIMR Campus is spread over an expanse of 45 acres in the heart of Mumbai city, the commercial capital of India and a global financial hub. The campus is equipped with all the modern amenities characteristic of a world-class educational establishment. With a variety of pedagogic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and resources available on the campus, it encourages a highly enhanced learning experience.

The campus though modest and humble, comprises of several renovated buildings with excellent residential facilities, cafeterias, classrooms and learning centers including a library, IT Centre, Amphitheatre and an Executive Training Centre with state-of-the art audio and video equipment and 24×7 wireless connection. The classrooms are both stepped and leveled to facilitate discussions, and customized to the needs and requirements of various programmes.


SPJIMR is equipped with excellent residential facilities that strengthen the feeling of belonging and provide students the necessary impetus to a more cohesive learning environment. Besides easy access to library and computer facilities, the recently upgraded hostel facilities include amenities like television, table-tennis tables, water filters and coolers, coffee vending machines as well as washing machines.

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The library with its vast collection of management literature and electronic resources is a key resource of the Institute. The fully computerized library is equipped with a variety of learning media. It has a collection of over 23,500 books including the most recent publications in a variety of areas covering, but not limited to, Business, Economics and Management. The SPJIMR library subscribes to a number of periodicals which include scholarly international as well as national journals and business magazines. It has an enriched digital collection of over 8,000 CD-ROMs and DVDs which include audio/video material on the core subjects.


SPJIMR announced on Jan 17, 2017 the completion of placements for its oldest and largest programme, the MBA-equivalent two-year Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). The Class of 2017 notched a new high as the highest salary on campus jumped to Rs. 39.5 lakhs per annum and the average salary rose to Rs. 20.9 lakhs, from Rs. 19.3 lakhs last year. More than 90 per cent of the PGDM Class of 2017 received offers of Rs. 15 lakhs or more, with a median salary of Rs. 20 lakhs.

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