Student with learning disabilities overcomes board exam hurdle with perseverance


Daksh Hawale secured 53% in the 10th Std CBSE board exams, wants to be a digital marketer

Mumbai: Daksh Hawale, a Grade 10 special student from Orchids The International School, Pallagully branchrecently passed the CBSE board exams with 53%. Despite having learning disabilities, he was able to pass the board exams with the support of his school teachers and parents.

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Daksh first showed signs of a learning disability during his 6th Std. One of his teachers saw that he was having trouble reading or spelling any word. After notifying the parents and been taken to a government hospital for test, Daksh was diagnosed with all 3 learning disabilities – Dyslexia, Disgraphia and Discalcula. But despite being a slow learner, Daksh received all the support and help needed from his parents and his teachers. His family as well as his friends were very supportive of him and he never received any bad comments or was demotivated for his disability. Through his grit and hard work, Daksh was able to pass the 10th Std CBSE board exams and he dreams of pursuing digital marketing as a career.

Speaking on his achievement, Ms. Archana Rushal Padhye, HOD – SEN and Counselling Departnment, Orchids The International School said, “At Orchids, we ensure that every child with special needs is given the utmost importance and provisions that help them progress.

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Daksh is a unique student and has a positive personality that has allowed him to make good friends and develop a good rapport with every teacher. His hardworking nature will affirm him of a successful life ahead.

We are proud of him and look forward to support the other children with special needs in the best way possible.”

Daksh’s current hobbies include swimming, playing cricket and video games. He used to do skating in his childhood but has stopped doing it off late. Aside from digital marketing, he aspires to become a pro gamer in the Esports industry as well.

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