Students of Motion rocked again in JEE- Advanced 2022 results


Motion Education is one of the top Institutes of Kota for JEE-MAIN & ADVANCED, NEET, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads, and other competitive exams in India. Also, Motion Education is a well-known name in the education industry to provide valuable Edu-services to students. The foundation of Motion was laid with the establishment of Motion IIT-JEE in December 2007. After achieving phenomenal success in the institutional coaching landscape of India, Mr Nitin Vijay, Managing Director of Motion intends to fill the supply side gap in the education sector by providing a platform to budding edupreneurs to unleash their potential & innovative skills while remaining committed to the cause of development of human potential. 

Applying his foresight and vast teaching experience, Mr Nitin Vijay has transformed the lives of several struggling aspirants into IITians in the last fifteen years. 

Motion Education has achieved over Rs 80 crores revenue in the FY 2021-22, registering a 20% profit, thereby opening 55 study centres across India, onboarding 15000 students and more than 1200 employees. The company has scripted the success of more than 2,50,000 students in cracking JEE and NEET exams since its inception 15 years back. For the last couple of years, Motion Education is witnessing steep growth in admissions. From 10,000-plus in 2021 to 15,000-plus in 2022, there has been a growth of around 50 per cent in students’ strength. With 50 new centres in FY’23, the institution targets to triple its admissions to 35,000 and also plans to mark its presence in Dubai & Saudi Arabia to enhance its portfolio. The company achieved a major milestone in August 2022 by crossing 25,000 admissions mark. 

The company is also acquiring talent in large numbers to support its growth. The expansion is being done by opening new study centres across 50+ locations; majorly eyeing Hindi speaking belt of north India thus bringing its tally to more than 100 study centres in the current FY’23. The company is looking to hire close to 1900 people in the domains of Admin, Content development, Sales, Educators & IT department. The steep rise in the workforce is expected to improve overall student reach and will be instrumental in enhancing the proficiency of the existing business model. 

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Profile – Mr Nitin Vijay, Founder & Managing Director, Motion Education

This engineer-turned-entrepreneur excels in hybrid learning models 

Born and brought up in Kota, Nitin Vijay received a degree in Engineering from IIT-BHU. But, unlike his peers, who were avaricious for fat salaries in multinational corporations, he was determined to reinvent India’s education industry with ingenious ideas and cutting-edge technologies. He decided to nurture Indian talent by infusing quality knowledge and competitive skills among wannabe engineers, doctors, and scientists. Hence, to provide them with the best coaching experience, Nitin Vijay founded Motion Education in December 2007.

Nitin Vijay started his entrepreneurial journey with only 10, 000 rupees when he was just 23-year-old. After 14 years of indomitable efforts, Motion Education along with its study centres in 41 cities across India, is all set to achieve over Rs 100 crores revenue in the current fiscal (FY 2021-22). Under Nitin Vijay’s avid leadership, the institution has evolved into an enviable Ed-tech brand and had set many new benchmarks and standards in the industry. 

MyBizKid, the most enticing entry into Motion Education’s product portfolio in 2021 is also the brainchild of Nitin Vijay. He felt that kids need a different approach to understand subjects of a much higher level. To fill this gap, he developed, MyBizKid, an online MBA program for kids, which not only discovers hidden entrepreneurial qualities in children but also sharpens their knowledge and soft skills, required to ensure success in whatever field they ultimately choose.

Being an engineer by qualifications and tech-savvy by aptitude, Nitin Vijay always wants to exploit cutting-edge technologies to enrich the learning experience. He said, “Edtech can do wonders for modern educational institutions. Be it the task of curtailing administrative costs, synchronization of various departments, or quantifiable measurement of various outcomes and results, AI and ML-enabled technologies do great help at all fronts.” 

With the spirit of a technocrat and the vision of an entrepreneur, Nitin Vijay tried to cultivate a corporate culture at Motion Education. And, in a bid to make his dream true, he restructured the organisation where all the departments are seamlessly connected through advanced ICT technologies. Using Pattern Analysis and Trend Algorithms, teachers are better equipped with assessment tools that give a comprehensive analysis of every student. Later, researchers and content developers prepare customised study material for the aspirants of JEE, NEET, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads and other competitive exams.

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