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Gurugram, 21st September: The North India and Nepal Network of IB Schools gathered for a Job‐Alike Session at Lancers International School. The event had...

Class 5 students, their parents, teachers and mentor across the globe made it an enriching experience. Gurgaon, April 2019, Lancers International School an IB continuum...

Gurgaon:  Amidst rising pollution levels, schools in the city have undertaken various measures to minimize the impact of air pollution. While some schools have restricted physical...

Gurgaon: Gurgaon joined several cities across the globe to observe Earth Hour with prominent residential areas and educational institutions deciding to turn off electricity...

Gurgaon: Lancers International School held its annual Sports Day at the school playground on February 10 and February 17, 2017. The Sports Day for...

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