The number of students enrolling in UK universities is projected to exceed 46% in the next academic session: REPORT BY GRADDING


As per our sources, The UK Home Office has reported a significant increase in the number of sponsored study visas granted to Indians, with a rise of 54% compared to 2022. This means that Indians now account for around seven times more study visas than in 2019. This report has been analyzed and illustrated by Gradding, India’s leading study abroad platform, which has helped almost 1 Lakh+ students accomplish their dream of studying in the UK. In this study, it is explored that in total, the UK issued nearly 500,000 sponsored study visas, and the exciting part is that almost a third of them are granted to Indians. So, it can be predicted that the number of students enlisting in UK universities is projected to exceed 3 lakhs in the next academic session.

Well, yes, this is a surprising fact to read, but A total of 142,848 sponsored study visas were granted to Indians, an increase of 49,883 (+54%) compared to the year ending June 2022. According to the statistics, 98,394 Graduate Route extensions were granted from July 2020 to June 2021. Out of these, 42 percent were granted to Indian students. Additionally, it was found that 20 percent of students whose visas expired in 2022 opted to switch to the Graduate Route after completing their studies. Thus, the same is going in 2023 and is expected to grow by the next academic year

Mamta Shekhawat, the founder of Gradding, says that the reason people choose the UK is that “The UK gives Good value for Money.” She believes that studying in the UK is an acceptable value for money and the average costs there are lower than in other countries like the USA and Australia. Moreover, she says that graduates from the UK are the most employable in the world. In fact, 8 in ten international students are progressing, promoted, and earning more because of their education in the UK.

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International enrollments are diversified now!
Yes, over the years, it has been analyzed that international enrolments in UK universities have become less diverse than they used to be. According to reports of the year 2020, the majority of international students came from Greece and Ireland, accounting for 21% of all enrolments. However, in 2021, there has been a notable shift in the situation. But in the years 2022 and 2023, The top 15 countries sending students to UK universities have changed, and China and India have emerged as the top two sending markets, making up 41% of all international enrolments. One of the reasons behind this is recent tensions between India and Canada, many students are now choosing the UK for higher education. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that these tensions have resulted in the rapid growth of Indian students choosing to study in the UK.

The graph clearly illustrates the increasing number of students opting for higher studies in the UK each year. 

Scholarships made this dream much easier!

Students who dream of going to the UK for studies always look for scholarships. And nearly there is a hike of 10% from the past year in the scholarships due to the high demand. This year, The University of Essex in the UK announced the scholarships valued at 10,000 pounds, and Guess what? It is for Indian students enrolled in any one-year master’s program. 

The UK government has awarded 75 fully funded scholarships to Indian students in celebration of India’s 75th independence anniversary, known as “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.” Additionally, both countries have introduced measures to simplify the visa process for Indian students. 

Recently, the UK government has reintroduced the chance for Indian students to work in the country after completing their studies. The Graduation Immigration Route allows Indian students who have graduated from UK institutions to work for up to two years without needing a tier-2 visa. The UK has declared that Indian students will receive their visas within 15 business days, which is sumptuous news for those who want to travel between India and the UK.

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Unlike the US or Canada, most postgraduate degrees in the UK are for one year, making it easier and more affordable for Indian graduates to pursue a master’s degree in a first-world country. The Graduation Immigration Route improves Indian students’ chances of landing lucrative job offers in the UK, attracting students from around the world. If you’re a working professional or recent graduate, obtaining a postgraduate degree from the UK can increase your prospects of finding your dream job in any field.

Commenting about the scholarships, Mamta Shekhawat said, “For years, we have seen students going to the UK through Gradding, and they get excellent job opportunities in the UK itself. Which is less seen as compared to other countries ‘.

To facilitate comprehension, data has been shown in a chart collected from “Gradding” that analyzes the countries selected by Indian students.

In the academic year 2020/21, the UK had over 600,000 international students, surpassing the target set for 2030 in the International Education Strategy by ten years. Among major countries, the UK and Canada have seen the most substantial increase in international student enrollment in recent years.

This report by “Gradding” provides statistics on why people choose the UK as their career option.

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