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New Delhi, February 21, 2022– Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in his maiden budget address on education has emphasized on the implementation of National Education Policy.  The vision for the future generation is path altering and based on disruption in the traditional education space. Over the years, barring national level institutions like IITs, IIMs, and IISc, quality at most of the universities have drastically gone down the hill due to paucity of funds, poor recruitment policy and campus politics. The earlier policies have lacked investments in both soft and hard aspects of higher education. So the new education policy will focus on building the capacity of faculty members as well as the physical infrastructure required for building world class institution said Dr. Tapan Kumar Panda, Director & Professor, NMIMS ( Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies)

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Learning is all about doing, knowing and being. Doing has more to do with the skill development. The speed at which technology is developing is going to make many of the existing skills redundant and as a nation we should be ready for industry 4.0. Prime Minister emphasized the focus on skill development in his address and assured that India will emerge as a nation with high skilled workers. The current skill development policy needs a revisit and also its effectiveness in developing the desired skill set if yet to be found out. However, building a digital skill ecosystem is a good initiative so that the emerging workforce can directly participate in the digital transformation that various industries are going through.

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So far education and institution building has been considered in isolation. This time, the PM has spoken about educational initiatives as a part of a larger urban planning and design process. This is a very mindful decision as the same, if implemented will build a symbiotic eco-system which will bring in environment, society and education together. Blending the same with ancient wisdom will surely drive a scenario where pillars of modern education will be based on a perfect balance with ancient wisdom, nature and modern science. The whole world is now started integrating on many processes be it, business processes, supply chain or tourism. The internationalization will help cross breeding of ideas and also fasten the process of knowledge transfer. Establishment of world class foreign universities in India will also propagate high impact research, bring in the desired push to uplift the quality of education in India. What remains to be seen is the implementation process, structural enhancement to the existing system and the speed at which these changes will be experienced. The real success will be in translating Prime Minister’s vision into a reality within a bounded timeline.

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