Thriive Art & Soul presents a unique E-Course to help you manifest your dreams


Thriive Art & Soul The ‘Living From Vision’ e-course is specially designed to help you discover your life purpose

Mumbai, 27th June 2019: Thriive Art & Soul, India’s leading wellness platform, has launched a series of e-courses starting with ‘Living From Vision’, to help you tap into your true potential and learn to focus on fulfilling your dreams. This is a 5-week online course conducted by internationally renowned wellness professionals Ilona Selke and Dr. Rod Newton, who will guide you a through a step-by-step process to manifest your dreams.

Through this structured 5-week program, you will learn to enhance your creativity, handle your stress effectively, as well as deal with negative emotions to keep you focused on your life’s purpose. The globally renowned program, translated in six different languages, is known to aid in manifesting good health and weight loss, attract better relationships and help realise growth in finances & career by motivating self-awareness to understand your life purpose. The course aims to teach whole brain thinking, by enhancing the power of imagery, visualization and relaxed focusing, the combination of which will guide you to build a path to success. By the infusion of technology to the course, Thriive is now able to reach people from across the country and share this unique course that will help you shape your life. The course has been a huge success worldwide and has been transforming lives since the last 28 years.

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Pinky Daga, CEO, Thriive Art & Soul said, “People today lead extremely hectic and stressful lives, and often forget to take a pause to take care of themselves. Through this constant hustle, they face so many difficult emotions that their dreams can seem daunting to them. However, we believe that through a careful step-by-step guide, it is possible to find peace in this chaos and reach out to your true potential. ‘Living From Vision’ has seen massive success worldwide and we wanted to introduce this unique course to the Indian audience as well. We are truly thrilled to be partnered with Ilona and Dr. Rod, who have transformed so many lives across the world through this course. This e-course is our next step in bringing wellness practices to everybody.”

How to register:

Enrol for the ‘Living From Vision’ e-course at a price of INR 5,520/- (FREE e-course demo also available)

Register at:

For queries, write to:

About Ilona Selke and Dr. Rod Newton:

CEO of ‘Living from Vision’, Ilona Selke is a renowned author, lecturer and a musician. She has authored international best sellers such as ‘Wisdom of the Dolphins: Discovering the Mystery of the Holographic Universe’ and ‘The Big Secret’, which she co-authored with Jack Canfield.

Dr. Rod Newton is the founder of the ‘Living from Vision’ course. The course has been successful worldwide, transforming people’s lives in wonderful ways since 28 years and has been translated into six languages.

About Thriive Art & Soul:

Established in the year 2016 by Pinky Daga, Thriive Art & Soul is India’s only state-of-the-art digital platform housing the world’s leading directory of verified wellness therapists from across 150+alternative health therapies. As India’s first integrated Alternative & Holistic Wellness platform, Thriive aims to build a collective community of therapists, seekers and explorers through partnerships and collaborations, and spread the light of wellness.

Its online library of meditation and wisdom talks is unparalleled. Thriive hosts an impressive roster of wellness, art, & soul events globally.


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