Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet During Festival Season


Article authored by Mr. Pitchiah Kasinathan, Clinical Dietitian Fortis Malar Hospital

As the holiday season approaches, it is very normal for someone to put on additional weight when surrounded by an attracting arrangement of sweets and the tempting smells of snacks. However, consuming too many of these delectable foods might result in unhealthful weight gain and have a negative impact on one’s health.

It is important to keep an eye on your intake to avoid gaining weight, which is why we are providing some guidance on how to eat and snack this season in a way that is better for your health and appetizing to the taste buds.

Tips for making holiday dishes healthy this year:

1. Prepare sweets at home

Without sweets, celebrations in India would not be complete. Everyone anticipates their favourite dishes. The issue is that many of these sweets, that are prepared at stores, are substantially loaded with fat, refined flour, artificial sweeteners, and colour. Instead of purchasing confectioneries outside this year, make your own at home with good-quality ingredients and nutritious substitutes. You have more control over the sugar and fat content when making sweets and snacks at home. As a result, you can indulge in sweets guilt-free.

2. Choose healthy snacks

Healthy snacks in between meals keep you full and energetic while also reducing cravings. Snacks provided during events, board games, or when visitors are present, however, may increase the overall calorie count. Change out the bad snacks for healthier alternatives that include less salt, sugar, and fat. Among the many varieties of roasted snacks available are roasted makhana, roasted chickpeas, cashew nuts, millet mixtures, murukku, seedai, almonds, and dried fruits, to name a few.

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3. Go for healthier alternatives

You do not have to give up your favourite foods and desserts if you eat a balanced diet. However, keep in mind that eating is not just for enjoyment and celebration but also for feeding your body. Make use of your creativity. All that is required is a slight change. Swap out sugar for honey or palm jaggery, for example. Replace the toxic Maida with a nutritious flour like whole wheat or ragi or millets in your recipe.

4. Do not skip meals to compensate

You will either overeat at your next meal or start to crave fatty, sugary foods if you do not consume what your body needs. Not the best scenario for celebrating the holidays. You may start the day off well with a healthy breakfast. A breakfast that is rich in protein and fibre will best prepare you for a day of healthy eating. Have a healthy snack generally every two to three hours or as needed.

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5. Include salads with each meal

Dinner at home during the holidays is quite a challenging. By consuming a nutritious, fresh vegetable salad, you may be able to balance your calorie intake, prevent overeating, and feel satisfied sooner. Fresh vegetable salad is a fantastic method to get fibre and beneficial nutrients.

6. Take care with what you drink

Liquor is known to make people feel hungrier and to be a source of empty calories. We are known that the body stores extra calories as fat when they are consumed. Sugary or artificially sweetened drinks with aerated carbonation should be avoided at all costs. During the holiday season, choose for green tea, detox water, coconut water, fresh juices, and mocktails.

Include more millet options as well by taking millet-prepared snacks that are both healthy and delicious. Look for snacks with a low glycaemic index in your favourite stores. 

The most effective way to burn off the excess calories you consumed over the festival season is to increase your physical activity and exercise. 

Maintain a healthy diet over the holiday season by paying attention to these recommendations.

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