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Education is a very wide area to serve. Application are just a mare part of it. But this part is getting popular as the usage of smart phone are increasing. With application and smartphone we can make education a lot easier than we think. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or not. You can start learning at any age. Here we are going to make list of some applications those can be handy for every one.

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1. Duolingo:

Duolingo is a language leaning application. This application is a crowd-sourced application that is best option for you to learn third language. With this application you can even translate documents. All these service from this application is available on both iOS and Android for free. This application do this evolution on different levels. You can start from the basic to the mature.

2. TED:


Everyone know TED. Technology, Education, Design, a non profit organization that is doing all its work for free. They have collaborated with many minds. It is an open platform providing that share knowledge with us. Via their application one can have access to all the articles, videos, lectures they are making. This treasure box is full of ideas from education radicals, tech-masters, legends of their own fields and others. This way they are delivering quality ideas and knowledge with the world.

3. Dropbox or Google Drive:

Both these application have one mission to focus on, storing file on the cloud. These both app allow you to have some extra storage of 2GB and 15GB respectively on sign up. Now if you require more than you can extend your plan. Both comes with the synchronization, offline view function. Both function are very handy and needy. Also when it comes to the sharing both makes it very easy. All you need is a sharing link of the file.

4. OneNote:


Everyone think that taking note is a hectic work to do. Microsoft’s product ‘OneNote’ is here to help you with that. With this application you can actually make you note digital. Just record the whole lecture or you can take note with a stylus or pen if you like. This way note making will be easy. You can store and synch all your notes with OneDrive or Office 360. This allow you to access your note anytime anywhere you want.

5. GradeProof:


Looking for a solution to improve your grammar? GradeProof will be great help to you. This application help you improve your grammar by tests and writings. Its basic features are free but to use its all the feature you need to purchase their services. It is good in solving complex grammar problems with GradeProof. It can detect those errors those are undetected by other applications offering same. One this is that, it is only available on iPhone.

6. Photomath:


What if your math problems can get solved just by a click. Yes, it is possible with PhotoMath. An application that solve your algebra problems step by step in very easy and explanatory way. So what you need to do is, snap a click of the question or type is down in the application. Then application will narrow it down step-by-step. So now you have a solution so you can apply it similar one in your homework.

7. Brainscape:


Looks like another application is there that share incredible facts in interactive way but far better than others. It use flashcards to teach you about things you have interest in. Its services are basically free but if you wish to learn more premium content then you need access to them. Its subscription comes in a 3 way, $10 for a month, $30 for semi-annual and $36 for annual. Also another is a life time subscription of $80 lifetime. These subscription allow you to have ad-free use of the application.

8. EasyShiksha, edX, Udacity:

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EasyShiksha is a free application for among these application with the courses those will give you certificates. Now the education is bound to the 4 walls. You can have access to the international education institutes and university. EdX also have some course for free but for some courses, you are need to spend some money in it. Same goes with the Udacity. Udacity have named it self in this market that Google have made collaboration with them. Google is offering some nano-courses with time to time updates in this collaboration.

9. Quizlet:


Are you ready to do a marathon with learning. Yes if you do study with marathon style then this application is what we are good. It is also uses flashcards to educate its user. It uses text, images, sounds to make interactive flashcards. You can also customize them as you them to be. It uses quiz to make learning more fun.

10. WolframAlpha:


This knowledge engine is child of Apple’s SIRI. This is amazing and accurate when it comes to giving answers. It uses many algorithms to solve your question and come to conclusion. Also it shows all through description on how it got to the answer. It uses different resources to come to a conclusion. These answer are verified and well constructed that it is right nearly every time and it can give answer to every question.

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