TOR Browser is Now on Android: No Need of Orbot now

TOR Browser, Android

TOR may have its 2 apps already on the Google Play Market but they rely on each other to work. Orbot helps you connect to the TOR network to access your favorite website anonymously and hiding your location and identity to your ISP. It was just like a proxy app that need Orfox, a TOR browser to access the internet. Now TOR have decided to eliminate this dependency and introduce standalone TOR browser app with more stability.

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Similar to the existing experience on Linux, Mac, and Windows, Tor Browser of Android delivers a private Web browsing experience. It lets you browse your favourite websites anonymously. Further, the browser automatically clears stored cookies when you’re done browsing the Web. It is also touted that your traffic through the Tor Browser “is encrypted three times” as it passes over the Tor network. But you need to separately install the Orbot app on your device to leverage the Tor network. The Tor Browser for Android is based on Firefox version 60. Also, it comes with NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere extensions. TOR network to access your favorite website anonymously and hiding your location.

You can browse the Web on the Tor Browser in multiple tabs, and for enhanced privacy, there is an option to open new private tabs as well. The browser also lets you enable a guest session that hides all your browsing history and bookmarks. Furthermore, you can add new add-ons to the browser by visiting the Mozilla site.

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Orbot contains Tor and libevent. Orbot provides a local HTTP proxy and the standard SOCKS4A/SOCKS5 proxy interfaces into the Tor network. Orbot has the ability to transparently torify all of the TCP traffic on your Android device when it has the correct permissions and system libraries.” Official website.

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