Trending Social Media Platforms Creating a New Pool for Talent


How many of us had a dream to be on the silver screen? A few must-have tried to find out the way to be there? But how many we have been successful? No one or maybe some lucky chaps!

Short-video platforms have fueled an unprecedented boom in social media marketing and individuals’ lives as well. They have changed the notion of being professional and given the liberty to the common man to showcase their talents to the vast online world. They have transformed so many lives. Now anybody and everybody can not only make videos but also edit them with superb editing tools, effects and filters and post them over these platforms and wait to see the magic. And if you are a hidden talent, then they are just for you because you are going to get viral and popular in no time. Seems interesting? Indeed it is and yes it is possible.


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VMate is one such platform and it has turned many young millennials from rural and urban areas into millionaires in a very short span of time.

So, we have come up with the inspiring and amazing stories of Anju and Naina.

Anju, the VMate Sensation
There is nothing called impossible in the fast-growing digital world and VMate did it possible for Mini Kumari who is actually a 19 years old Anju Singh who comes from a small town of Kathihaar, Bihar with no such educational background.

She is enjoying a wonderful fan base of more than 7 Lakh followers and draws nearly 1.5 Lakh by making videos on VMate. Wow! This most user-friendly and trending short video making platform is creating miracles in lifes of so many people like her who depict their innate talents and engage millions of online users each day.

Talking on her personal front, Anju was inclined towards acquiring new skills. Although she had limited sources but her innate passion for acting since the very beginning made her explore the possibilities. Her married life was never supported by the family but her husband was, by all means, great support to her and they moved to Mumbai for realizing their dreams with immense hope. However, due to financial limitations, they had to come back to their hometown. But her deepest desire brought them a relative who introduced Anju with VMate which proved as a game-changer for them.


Now with her entertaining videos, she has become a sensation over the platform. On becoming such famous the duo is making a lot of money. Thanks to VMate, a great platform where anybody can edit and upload without any sort of training of video making and editing.

The platform has proved highly beneficial not just for Anju but a lot. In fact, people like Anju have even received an offer to act in regional movies with her growing popularity.

Naina, VMate’s Wonder Girl
Bringing a smile onto someone’s face is really great talent. What do you think? Yes, of course. Popularly known as ‘small wonder this four-year aged talent from a small village of UP is doing this wonder. She is breaking the age-old notion and leaving people amazeballs with her marvellous talent through the superb social media platform of VMate.

Naina being the first child of her family lost her mother when she was just a year old infant. Brought up by her father and grandfather, Naina took her own responsibilities at all levels. Labelled as Drama Queen by her family members for her smartness and wit, she believes and calls her aunt and uncle as her parents.

So her journey began when her sister started recording and publicizing her acting amongst their friends and relatives. This is how a relative introduced her with the amazing VMate platform and directed her journey to a different world.

Soon they become popular with the videos wherein the sisters would search for concepts online and produce their own gig version starring Naina as the lead actor. As to so many, VMate proved to be a great blessing to them. Now, they have more than 4 Lakh followers on VMate and they are making an approximately USD 1000 every month with her videos and passion which she has been able to realise through VMate and its user-friendly nature. In fact, the editing tools have helped them to a great extent in enhancing the screen presence.


Other than this, Naina is also involved in many VMate Online Campaigns which had got her rewards and cash prizes worth Rs. 4000. 

Appreciating her acting skills the wonder girl has been offered a role from a movie director. Amazing! What more can one think of! Though the family rejected the offer because of her age being too less. Currently, Naina is following her passion by posting her videos on VMate without comprising at all with her studies and wining lakhs and millions of hearts all over.  



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