Tsaaro Expands Data Protection Program for Young India; Launches new course on Data Protection Fundamentals (DPF)


New Delhi | 02 March 2022: Tsaaro Academy, a unique privacy certification training platform, is excited to announce the launch of Data Protection Fundamentals (DPF), an introductory course that will assist learners in starting their careers in the currently thriving data privacy sector. The course aims to provide a foundational understanding of the challenges of securing data privacy in today’s increasingly digitized world.

The young learners will be gaining a beginner level understanding of the fundamentals of various data protection regulations across the globe giving them the perfect push to pursue their dreams. Youngsters are the future of the country and Tsaaro is training them to become privacy professionals to bolster the country’s cybersecurity defence following the arising cases of cyber-attacks between the countries.

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The DPF course has been specifically designed in a way that the learners can gain the skills required to secure an entry-level position in the data privacy sector. The course will be delivered by subject experts and cyber professionals who have experience of about more than 10 years in the industry.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Akarsh Singh, CEO and CoFounder, Tsaaro: “Tsaaro Academy designed this course keeping in mind all the crucial future needs of the businesses as well as from the student’s aspect. Data privacy is critical, especially in this day and age, when the number of data breaches is on the rise. Tsaaro Academy has developed a DPF course with a forward-thinking approach to meet the upcoming demand for Data Privacy professionals. This course will be a next-generation course that will thrive on seamless collaboration between individuals and businesses, as well as provide a glimpse into what it takes to succeed in a career in data privacy.”

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From the introduction to key terminologies, personal data, to solving complex privacy issues like preventing a data breach, all such insights are provided to the learners in a short span of the training time. Even if Data Privacy Fundamentals by Tsaaro Academy is an introductory course, it is said to be offering a lot more knowledge than just the introduction. It is a virtual course that can be taken up by anyone who has an interest in the area of Data Protection.

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