TWT announces the first-ever batch of ‘honest’ influencers identified under its unconventional ‘The Whole Truth-Sayers’ campaign

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Selected under its own unprecedented influencer marketing program, The Whole Truth picks out India’s first-ever batch of 30 truthful influencers TWT

India-wide release, 8th December 2021: Early this October, The Whole Truth (TWT), India’s first 100% clean-label food brand, had launched its mission to find and recruit a set of credible, honest influencers via its social media campaign, ‘The Whole Truth-Sayers.’ Even as the disruptive campaign continues to receive love from internet natives, TWT has now announced the batch of its 30 Whole Truth-Sayers 2021.

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Kick-starting with a tongue-in-cheek yet hard-hitting video, the campaign intended to discover and enlist honest and reliable influencers while demonstrating how experts have begun ‘selling’ their influence rather than telling the truth. Furthermore, it also encouraged those who use their ‘influence’ on social media to endorse what they genuinely use and love rather than only taking up monetized brand collaborations. To be selected as a part of TWT’s list of authentic influencers, participants had to create a video depicting ‘The Whole Truth of Influencer Marketing’ as they saw it; while the winners were shortlisted by an esteemed panel of judges like Gul Panag, Varun Duggirala, Vani Dandia, Suchita Salwan and Shashank Mehta.

TWT has unveiled the first-ever cohort of 30 influencers, whose opinions are based on actual experience, via a video, where they swear to speak the “whole truth” after a rigorous round of judging. Hand-picked based on how entertaining, engaging, and unique their entry was as well as how their honesty aligned with values that drive TWT, these names include Dheepesh Bhatt, Varun Thakur, Shelvin James, Salil Jamdar, Sorabh Pant, Zoe Modgill, Harjas Sethi, Abhijit Vaghani, Anaheez Patel, Varsha Kabra, Naima K Rahimtulla, Praful Jain, Megha Maheshwari, Gayathri Sitaraman, Sonam Jain, Shubh Hamirwasia, Punya Arora, Rahul Hariharan, Vividh Ashok T E, Saachi Rajadhyaksha, Reetika Jalan, Manish Kapoor, Aarati Kulkarni, Aditya Gundeti, Divya Fofani, Aditya Bhanushali, Sevya Sethuraman, Varun Nair, Mayank B Nagori and Sumit Mehta.

Shashank Mehta, Founder & CEO, The Whole Truth, said,“At TWT, we love influencers, but not Influencer Marketing. At least not the way it’s done currently. So, we launched The Whole Truth-Sayers program – as a clarion call to ‘honest’ influencers whose opinions can’t be bought. And the response – both from consumers who resonated so strongly with the issue we raised and influencers who were waiting for a truthful opportunity like this – has been overwhelming. Today, it gives me immense pleasure to announce the first batch of The Whole Truth-Sayers – a new breed of influencers who speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.”

The Whole Truth-Sayers campaign was a beacon to all those honest influencers dissatisfied with brands giving them briefs and trying to buy their opinions. Keeping in line with this thought process, TWT will be paying for the influencer’s art, hard work and talent – not their opinion; any equipment fees, production fees, location costs etc., (within a pre-agreed budget) will be taken care of. Not only that, but TWT will also refrain from influencing the influencer’s opinion, interfering with their art, giving briefs or pushing pre-set scripts. Whether the Truth-Sayers choose to make a video, write a blog, or create a podcast to introduce The Whole Truth to their followers – TWT will be offering complete support and zero-intervention.

TWT proudly declares each and every ingredient upfront on their food package instead of hiding it in a microscopic font at the back. By sharing the same core philosophies of honesty and truthfulness, The Whole Truth-Sayers has won over the netizens who are inundated constantly with decoding the truth behind influencer marketing.

About The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth (TWT) is India’s first and only 100% clean label brand. They create food so clean, that they list each and every ingredient that goes into it, upfront (not hidden at the back in microscopic font). Brands hide what goes into their food because they have something to hide. In the name of ‘healthy,’ we’re all being sold a bunch of self-serving half-truths by food brands all around us. TWT plans to change that. And they’re going to do this by telling The Whole Truth. That’s all. The 5-6 ingredients listed on the front of their packs are the only things that go into their food. Anything else is a strict no. No added sugar, no chemicals, no sweeteners, no hiding, no bullsh*t. Just a handful of simple, natural ingredients your mom would approve of.

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