University Living joins hands with Londonist DMC to create Uninist to offer flexible housing solutions for students


The student housing crisis is real. Thousands of students who move out of their hometowns for higher education are unable to find accommodations suited to their requirements. Understanding their predicament and on a quest to solve it, University Living, a leading global student housing platform, has partnered with Londonist DMC, an award-winning student accommodation agency, to create Uninist to offer tailored housing solutions for students.

Uninist, which University Living and Londonist DMC have built, based on their combined industry experience of nearly two decades, is designed to better serve the dynamic requirements of students and address the gap in the housing market. Offering a range of flexible tenancy options, Uninist allows students to customise their lease terms to fit their individual requirements. The newly launched platform will provide modern, well-maintained properties in prime locations and proximity to universities/colleges and other amenities and have good connectivity through public transportation.

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Additionally, Uninist offers an array of room configurations and payment plans, including short-term and long-term options, enabling students to personalise it as per their needs. Through the platform, students, especially those who require flexibility and affordability, can fulfill their accommodation needs at the click of a button.

Mayank Maheshwari, COO of University Living, said, ”University Living has over a decade of experience handling and expanding globally, especially in and around the UK, catering to 110+ nationalities globally.  It’s a very good combination where Londonist is bringing the expertise on the on-ground operations, and University Living is bringing in the market intel for outside London, a flawless way to conquer the rest of the UK, for the flexible contracts. By offering flexible tenancy options and an unparalleled living experience, Uninist sets a new standard for student housing, empowering students to create their ideal home away from home. University Living has been catering to 110 plus nationalities globally for a decade now, and we ensure safe and secure premium accommodation in and around universities to all the students.”

“At Londonist, we are passionate about helping students thrive, and our flexible housing options empower students to create their ideal living experience. We are also incredibly proud to have provided access to the top cities in the UK, and we have always been striving to deliver the best experience for students around the globe. Student wellbeing is at the heart of what we do. Uninist will ensure that students have a holistic and pleasant experience during their stay and will create a home away from home for them. Our spaces to study, exercise, socialise and relax will ensure the best journey for all students,” added Asim Ertürk, Managing Director of Londonist DMC.

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About University Living: University Living Accommodation is a community-based global student housing managed marketplace, providing students with safe, comfortable, and affordable accommodation options across different countries.  They are a leading global provider and a pioneer of student accommodation in the Indian subcontinent, with an inventory of around 1.75 million beds in 300+ international student popular cities across the UK, Ireland, Australia, Europe, USA and Canada covering 1000+ global universities.

The company generates annual traffic of 8 Million annually and has assisted 2 Million students to date from 110 nationalities. University Living has built an organic marketplace for student accommodation, and the focus has always been to stay ahead of the curve, which makes the company a tech-enabled and content-led product. UL is an award-winning organisation with a GBV of 500 million, and more than 15 million nights in just 7 years. Being a category creator with a decade of experience, the company offers hassle-free booking services, transparent pricing, and 24/7 assistance to ensure a seamless post-admission experience for students.

About Londonist:

Londonist DMC is a multi-award-winning student accommodation agency with offices in London, Turkey, and China. Since 2013, we have provided clients with short and long-term accommodation, from 2 to 51 weeks. We pride ourselves on delivering a five-star service by making students feel at home away from home. It is achieved with the help of an inspired team, innovative technology, and intentional partnerships.

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