Vision For Life – Importance & How to Achieve It


In the race of passing the examinations, dealing with relationships, getting a good job while keeping a balance with family we forget to visualize things for future. Everything we do and bring into our lives is for future, to make it healthy without even visualizing it. Having a visuality towards the future and our life is commonly called the Vision for Life.

Accomplished people we know, all have a vision for their lives. They seem to know what comes next, like they’ve seen the future although, they haven’t. Due to their skills of measuring the present is what makes them know what future holds.

 A life without vision is just passing time in life without joy or aspiration which makes it important for us to hunt down our vision to fetch out the motivation to change the life for good. Visions are those stimulating factors of our lives that encourage us to chase it no matter how far it looks. It’s like that ray of street lights we see while travelling in a train, we seems far ,far away and impossible to land upon but if encompassed correctly, it can be reached.

How to Create Your Life’s Vision:

  • Locate your priorities of life, identify the hidden reason for your existence, know what matters to you.
  • Identify the resources needed to support your findings-
  • Time
  • Family
  • Health
  • Funds
  • Commitment
  • Will
  • List down what you need and require from each one of those resources.
  • Think about the things you want to accomplish or experience and also what you have experienced and accomplished to know whether they can help you out or not.
  • Craft out a system for yourself where you evaluate your vision regularly, knowing if it needs to be redirected.
  • Update your system again and again.

Once you are handy with your vision and system, make this vision a habit and eventually in no time you will end up living for it.

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” and to achieve.
–Marcus Aurelius

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