What is the Right Age for Kids to Learn the New Skills?

New Skills

As parents, we all want our little ones to blossom in the best possible way and have the best learning in life. But deciding what skills to impart at what age is always a dilemma that most of the parents encounter. This dilemma may not have a concrete answer as learning capabilities differ child to child. Of course, there can be some skills which will be a must-learn for all the kids of a particular age but again, it is upto parents what skills they would like to nurture their kids with. Below shared are some of the age-by-age bifurcated skill suggestions which parents can take help of.

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1. Age group 2-5 years:

Some basic life skills are best when learnt at the very initial years of life as they stay life long if inculcated since the beginning. When you child is still at the junction of learning new skills, introduce them to four b’s- bathing, brushing, books and bed and help them make it a part of their routine. Teach them to be hygienic, make them learn the importance of going early to bed and grow them up with the habit of reading so that they are shaped into a learned kid. Growing them up with these habits would make them a responsible kid as they touch the 6th or 7th year of their life and you can be relaxed as you have put in your hard work at the right age.

2. Age group 6-8 years:

This is time when you start turning them into responsible kids by teaching them to do their basic chores on their own. This is the time when you must teach them a bit of laundry, cooking and cleaning. It is very important that you teach your kids to do their basics on their own. Teach them how to keep the clean and dirty clothes separate. If possible, let them wash on their own too. Make them clean their room on their own as it is here that they will learn the importance of cleanliness from. Tell them why it is important to keep their place clean so that it stays with them forever. Let them make their own meal so that they start taking interest in cooking at a young age and when you are away, you need not worry about their eating, at least.

3. Age group 9-12:

  1. Now that your kids have grown up a bit more, it is time to teach them some real-life skills. Time to teach them decision making skills, riding wheels, time management and money management. A 9-year old kid is old enough to start taking small decisions which are good for them. It is very important to make your kid independent and confident in their early years as this is the best age to do so. Allow your kids to take their decisions on their own and then discuss with you. Teach them the importance of time and money and how crucial the management of two is. Give them pocket money but inculcate a habit of judicious spending and saving in them as it is going to be with them lifelong and very important to make them successful in future.

Raising your kid into a successful adult is easy if right life skills are imparted timely. Early years of life are very crucial in determining your kid’s adulthood. Hence, give it time and all of your attention because that is something which is going to matter the most.


By, Ritesh Rawal an Innovator & Entrepreneur

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