Why do today’s students need to focus on Skills?


The education system around the globe has always focused more on the memory-based aspect and approach towards its curriculum rather than testing its students based on their problem-solving abilities, teamwork, critical thinking, among many more Skills?. With the exceptional rise in population in the recent years, everyone seems to be busy in the ‘rat race’ and focus solely on the educational degree and certifications rather than learning how to use that knowledge to solve real life problems. This has led to the stagnation and saturation in the business industry as the basic requirement of a job is problem-solving and adding value to the company, whereas, statistics portray a juggernaut number of students graduating every year, but only a handful of them are problem-solvers.

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This raises a lot of fingers and questions on the current educational system around the world. Where is it going wrong? What can be improved? The solution is to focus on skills and real-life problem-solving curriculum rather than an ancient form of textbook knowledge. Understanding the difference between being educated and being literate is vital. And thus, coaching institutes in India are now keeping this in mind as well.

Here are a few skills that should be taught to students so as to help them tackle life problems head-on:

  1. Global and cultural awareness – To be truly literate is to go past the barriers of race, colour, caste and religion and work towards the betterment of humanity.

  2. A basic on Information Technology – The understanding of the Internet, the network system, storage facilities, and how to use them together to boost one’s efficiency is something to look for.

  3. How to do taxes

  4. Basics on banking awareness and finance – The working of the national non-profit banks and their provisions, loan facilities that help you build a better life is important.

  5. Civic literacy and Emotional quotient – The feeling of compassion and love towards each other rather than materialistic longing should be taught.

  6. Leadership – Leadership is a learnt skill and is a matter of choice towards taking a step forward.

  7. Written and Verbal Communication – It is very important to work on your Written and Verbal Communication as you might know everything in the world, but unless you can convey that knowledge well, it has no value.

  8. Entrepreneurship and risk-taking – Entrepreneurship is the process of taking valued risks towards a project that would make a difference in many lives.

These are the few most important skills among many more.

The requirements of education have changed over the past few years and decades and continue to change every year due to newly emerging technology and laws, making previous technology irrelevant and unviable. In an era where the only thing constant is change, we as an intelligent being should not bound students under the inflexible set of guidelines. This makes focusing on skills important. Especially in coaching institutes, education has become a parameter to access one’s knowledge, and that also there is not one subject interes, but the students are bombarded with the pressure to excel in every subject.


In this generation where everyone holds a degree, and with limited projects and work, the only thing that will differentiate everyone else from the problem solvers are the skills that they hold. It is of utmost importance to be able to provide value to the organisation you’re working for, and hence working on skills are more important than memorising text for a degree.


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