World Bank Report: Not Educating Girls costs $15 to $30 Trillion to Countries

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If girls of your country is not getting required resources and due to that if they do not completed their secondary education, then it is costing $15 to $30 trillion dollar. Any country where girls are not able to complete their 12 years of education are losing productivity and earning from the girl. Now if we see this data in a collective way then it results in trillions of dollar. This is the repost published by World Bank. This report show that 89% of girls complete their primary education from with only 77% complete their lower secondary education.

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The duration of lower secondary education in most countries across the globe is 9 years. The report highlights that primary education is not enough and by not providing resources and set up for girls to complete 12 years of schooling, girls lose out on the transformative power of education in six key areas:

  • earnings and standards of living

  • child marriage and early childbearing

  • fertility and population growth

  • health, nutrition and well-being

  • agency and decision-making

  • social capital and institutions

“The loss in human capital wealth incurred today because many adult women did not benefit in their youth from universal secondary education (defined as 12 years of schooling) is estimated to range between USD 15 trillion to USD 30 trillion globally,” the report said.

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