World Day for Safety and Health at work – 28th April 2020

World Day for Safety

World Day for Safety and Health at Work by the United Nations by Mr. R AnandaKrishnan, Executive Vice President – Human Resources and Information Technology, TVS Motor Company

At TVS Motor Company, we have been working on building resilience by integrating flexibility, adaptability, and agility into our operations. To ensure consistent workflow, employees have access to best-in-class collaboration platform which helps them ensure seamless connect with their functional and cross-functional teams while working from home. In the past month, the employees have adapted extremely well to this workflow.

It is our priority to ensure that the employees and their family are provided with all possible support and assistance to overcome the pandemic crisis. We are continuously taking adequate measures to safeguard their physical and mental health amidst the looming uncertainty around COVID-19. The company has launched an exclusive app ‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE) for employees to avail during exigencies. World Day for Safety The objective of the app is to create an emergency response mechanism for any requirement of the employee ranging from Health, Medicine, Cash or Miscellaneous. The company has identified leaders in employee residential area as the POCs to ensure that all queries are addressed real time and resolutions are guaranteed. Employees have been accessing the application for multiple requirements which are being closed effectively.  World Day for Safety The efficient app has transformed the way TVS Motor family is connecting during this crisis.

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Ahead of resuming operations, TVS Motor Company has created a compulsory online module charting hazard warning and personal protection guidelines in the wake of COVID-19.  The objective of the module is to create necessary awareness about safety and precautionary measures to be followed to contain the virus post lockdown.  Only those employees who have cleared the assessment will be allowed to resume work.  Operations will be resumed according to State Government guidelines.

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  • Transport: The employees will receive travel guidelines for social distancing in both personal as well as company transport.
  • Compulsory Masks: Employees have to compulsorily wear masks before leaving their home and it is mandatory to wear the same at all times in office premises as well as in transit.
  • Entry to Factory premises: The factory set-up has distance earmarked for social distancing from gate to the respective work areas. All employees will have mandatory temperature check as well as need to use sanitisers at the entrance of the factory.
  • Safe work place:
  1. a)Common Touch points: The company has worked towards minimising the use of common touch points with innovations such as foot-operated water dispensers, automatic or elbow triggered hand sanitisers, disabled biometric system etc.
  2. b) Social Distancing: Employees have to compulsorily maintain 1.5-meter distance in common areas such as canteen, walking in plant premises and climbing stairs. Employees are encouraged to continue utilising collaborative digital platforms for meetings.
  3. c)Work from Home: WFH practice will be the new normal for employees with consultation from managers.
  4. d)Regular Sanitisation: Sanitisation will be undertaken across the factory and office premises with chemicals approved by WHO and EPA.
  5. e)Medical: Specific guidelines have been shared with employees to address medical emergencies in office premises.
  • Holistic care: Chief Medical Officer (CMO) approved guidelines have been shared with employees to stay safe beyond the workplace.

The company has also created preparedness manuals for Area Offices and Dealerships; however, both have been advised to abide by respective State Government Guidelines.

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