17 Countries now recognise Indian Engineering Degrees


Good news for holders of Indian Engineering Degrees . Engineering graduates can now easily apply to foreign universities of take advantage of international prospects as engineering degrees of India will now be recognized across 17 major countries.

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India has now become the permanent member of the Washington Accord which would mean access to countries like US, Japan, Australia. Washington Accord is an international agreement for accrediting undergraduate engineering degree programmes.

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Although pass outs of IITs have not yet faced a problem in terms moving on and being accepted to colleges abroad but that is the least we can say about graduates from the other engineering colleges present in the country.

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The Washington Accord aims at encouraging mobility and quality assurance across countries. Becoming a member of the Washington Accord implies that the engineering students of India are meeting the academic requirements necessary to take practice of engineering in any of the signatory countries.

Smriti Irani, HRD Minister was quoted by The Economic Times, having congratulated the officials of HRD ministry, “This will ensure highest quality assurance standards to be implemented in our technical and engineering programmes and provide global mobility to our engineering graduates. Graduates having degrees, which have been so accredited, would have substantial international equivalence of their achievement levels across the signatory nations. This will substantially enhance their employment opportunities around the world.”

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The efforts to be part of this have been going on since 2002, although a serious effort was only made by the Kapil Sibal, former HRD Minister, by including granting of autonomous status to the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) as it is necessary to have a national accreditation system by the Washington Accord to be a member.

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