A Teacher’s Guide to Long Distance Tutoring

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Although there are so many hours of learning, this might not be enough for some students. Whether they are trying to catch up or preparing for exams, most students need additional help. In most instances, staying in school after school hours is not the best solution. Thankfully, long distances learning technologies are there to help that. This means students can link up with their tutors through software such as Skype for online tutoring.

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When it comes to Home Tutor Singapore, one of the most important steps is to choose the right tools. Here are some of the most common tools to ensure that you are getting the best tutoring methods for your students.


This is an online collaborative platform that provides a video interface that helps you connect with your students. Apart from having whiteboard tool it also allows you to read students’ comments and expressions thereby making it easy to work out math problems with your students. However, in order to access all its features, you must have a paid subscription.


This unique web application allows an audio and video calls over the internet. Once you have a webcam and internet connection it’s just free to use. More so, it has a video feature that usually makes it easy to read the students expressions so as to ascertain whether they are understanding the concept or not. But since it was not built specifically for tutoring it does not have important tutoring features such as the whiteboard.


Also known as the Uber for tutors, quick help is a tool that allows students to put a request and get the response for immediate help. The good thing about it is that it does not require any planning hence it’s very flexible and easy to use. For instance, if you only need a one-off tutoring it provides for that. Although it allows skype and online based learning, it focuses so much on in-person tutoring hence making it less suitable for distance learning.

Khan Academy

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Khan Academy refers to a global classroom that provides a range of lessons on a variety of subjects to a range of learning levels free of charge. This tool allows the teachers to monitor the progress using dashboard. However, they do not have to teach the lessons themselves. More so, unlike the others, the Khan Academy teachings are not done live hence are not customizable to specific student needs.

Distance learning is a very good way for any teacher to supplement his salary. If you are searching for Home Tutor Singapore then platforms such as these are all over the internet. Through these companies, you can work as an independent contractor and schedule your work easily.

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