Abnormal serum triglyceride higher in men than in women says SRL Diagnostics

SRL Diagnostics
  • The analysis is based on 2,487,202 samples of serum triglyceride tests performed at SRL Diagnostics labs across India over the last three years

  • The analysis revealed that abnormal serum triglyceride was found to be higher in men (65%) than in women (35%).

New Delhi, 30th September 2019: SRL Diagnostics, the most doctor preferred diagnostic chain in India, released an analysis of data that it generated from comprehensive coronary risk profile testing, done over the last three years. The analysis was based on 2,487,202 samples of serum triglyceride tests performed at SRL Diagnostics labs across India and revealed that abnormal serum triglyceride was found to be higher in men (65%) than in women (35%). Also, abnormal serum triglyceride was highest in North Zone (54%) compared to all other zones.

This analysis was done keeping in view that Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are increasing globally as well as in India, where the numbers in rural parts of the country are fast catching up with urban, due to oxidative stress arising due to hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, environmental stress etc.

Hypertriglyceridemia is a condition in which triglyceride levels are high. Most often, there are no symptoms of having elevated triglycerides. It is often caused or exacerbated by uncontrolled diabetes, obesity, and sedentary habits.

Elevated triglycerides may contribute to hardening of the arteries and inflammation in the pancreas. This increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, other heart diseases and pancreatitis.

Commenting on the research, Dr. B.R. Das, Advisor and Mentor – Research & Development, SRL Diagnostics said, “The burden of cardiovascular disease in India has been rising gradually over the past few decades. Men are at the higher risk of cardiovascular disease due to abnormally high serum triglycerides. Hypertriglyceridemia is not good for health as it increases the risk for coronary artery disease (CAD). Hypertriglyceridemia increases the risk for coronary artery disease (CAD) and hence makes one more prone to associated morbidity. It goes in close association with pre-diabetes most of the times, and is associated with metabolic syndrome – a group of conditions that occur together, viz. increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.. Alongside, obesity and high blood sugar can potentially increase the risk of heart diseases.”

CVD is mainly triggered due to the development of fat laden blockages within blood vessels and includes coronary heart disease (heart attacks), cerebrovascular diseases (stroke), raised blood pressure (hypertension), peripheral artery diseases and heart failure. Common modifiable risk factors which further amplify the prevalence of the heart diseases are physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol and other habit forming substances. Initial management of hypertriglyceridemia should include therapeutic lifestyle changes (e.g., weight control, including diet and exercise; tobacco-use cessation). Patients also should be screened for metabolic syndrome and other acquired or secondary causes. If the patient has diabetes, optimizing glycemic control may help lower triglyceride levels without additional medications for hypertriglyceridemia.

About SRL Diagnostics

Established in 1995, SRL is the leading diagnostics company in India with an impressive reach, providing superior quality diagnostics services to its customers via an efficient network of labs and collection points. The vision to create SRL Diagnostics was driven by the philosophy to provide high quality accurate tests/outcomes at affordable prices to the masses. SRL is known for high ethical standards synonymous with ‘TRUST’ and every constituent of ‘Team SRL’ follows an immaculate value system. SRL Diagnostics has 397 networking laboratories; 24 radiology/ imaging centres; 44 NABL and CAP-accredited labs; and a footprint spanning more than 6739 collection points. The company has large labs in Dubai and Nepal, and about 70 collection points in various countries outside India. The chain also has long standing partnerships with various state governments under the PPP model. The veritable pioneer of medical diagnostics in India, SRL Diagnostics is imbued with a mission to deliver Gold Standard Diagnostic Services, both in Laboratory Medicine and Radiology, including high-end Imaging Services. SRL continues revolutionising India’s diagnostic services by introducing the most specialized technologies and innovative services. The brand has also recently bagged the prestigious ‘Best brand in diagnostic services in pathology and radiology’ award at The Economic Times Best Brands award- 2019.

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