Accept Criticism, Wear it as an Armour


It’s a world full of critics and, people who think they can handle them well. Well, the first thing is true but true is not the second one always. We all have Criticism, it’s just not always the movies which have it and skills to deal with them is something we might lack.

Google says, critics are those personalities that express unfavourable opinion about something which is true but it is a twenty first century we are living in and criticism does not seem to have boundaries it can be out of competition, anger, motivational tool or jealousy. Critics play roles in our lives and it depends upon ourselves what kind of role we are letting them play.

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We often hear people saying ‘take the charge of your life or no one can control your life except you’ but do we hear them explaining how or in what context? What controls our life is getting negatively affected from the opinions of others. These others are those people who are termed as critics and we are surrounded by them, we are around them, they are around us and they don’t carry tags of being a critic; you never know if you are being targeted or criticized.

This is life and people like me take it as a roller coaster ride with a number of ups and down and multiple adrenaline rushes. Criticism is also like a roller coaster ride, some of you will enjoy it others may not, one minute you are on heights and the other minute it is all grounds. It is being said so because criticism is either Constructive or Destructive for us, constructive ones will polish you whereas destructive ones will dimish you and it is us who make them constructive or destructive for us. Though, constructive or destructive criticism is delivered by a critic it is not something which we make but the effects of destructive criticism can be nullified by right approach. An adoption of a right approach is really important to deal with destructive criticism as people face medical issues like anxiety, restlessness, fear of too much bad-mouthing and to the hightest level, depression due to this.

Some people are gifted with the right sense of identifying right approach to deal with difficulties but all of us cannot be gifted.

Some approaches help you locate your strengths that can be used to handle critics:-

  • Identify whether the criticism is constructive or destructive.
  • Do not take anything personally, it will hold you up. Do not get held back.
  • Criticism is stressful so manage your stress accordingly by ways of listening music, watching movies, spending time with closed ones or eating good food.
  • Do not get knocked down by heavy criticism, receive it well and smartly.
  • Stop showing too much sensitivity towards any negative comment.
  • Accept yourself that you are not perfect and cannot be the apple of everyone’s eyes.

It is being said, “ the lion doesn’t concerns himself with the opinions of the sheep”. Take this saying as a safeguard and do not let yourself get concerned by the opinions of anybody.

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Nikita Bhadoria : Nikita is working with HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd. She has been passionate for writing and been in the field since her schooling days covering variety of topics like Patriotism, Friendships, Mother’s Presence, Movie Characters, Love, Life, Seasons etc. Writing is on the future cards for her and wishes to write stories that inspire people.



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