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The entire universe is glad that Albert Einstein became what he was, a Physician but know what would have made him glad? Being a musician, he was one of the greatest minds the entire world has ever witnessed and that great mind wished to become a musician if not a Physician. Benefits of Listening Music We can imagine till what extent music can be a great company that he wanted to create it.

According to the researches, music improves the mental well-being and boosts our physical health in surprising and unknown ways. Benefits of Listening Music The company of a good music is as healthy as the company of a best friend.  If we take a music lesson or two, that musical training can help raise our IQs and even keep us sharp in old age.

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Here are various scientifically- proven benefits of being connected to music:-

  • Instant Release of ‘Feel- Good’ Hormone:-

Research say that when we listen to good or our favorite music, our brain releases dopamine, a “feel good” hormone which enhances the feel good factor in ourselves and as a result we feel happy and delighted.

Music can help us to cut out the sadness or anger from the moment as sadness and anger suck out the energy from us. These two requires energy to function which they take from our body whereas happiness gives us the energy to function. So, next time you feel sad just try to be energetic and don’t let negativity suck out anything.

  • Music reduces stress and improves health:-

Stress causes 60% of our illness and disease and studies shows that if people actively participate or engage themselves in the creation of music, playing of an instrument or singing, their immune system will be boosted even more than by just listening to music passively.

Though, just listening to music you enjoy (it has got nothing to do with any particular genre of music) decreases level of the stress hormone, cortisol in our body.

  • Keeps you from being an Insomniac:-

We are living with the affects of living in a twenty first century where every second person is almost an insomniac due to our routine and habits. A proper sleep is undoubtedly an important segment to live healthy life and being insomniac won’t help out but, music can.

It has been proven that listening to relaxing music like classical or soft beats songs on or off bed initiates instant and soothing sleep. Sleeping helps the body heal, so does the music. Happy napping!

  • Music reduces Depression:-

Depression has its roots all over the world as approximately 350 million people suffer from this which is also the cause of initial or serious insomnia. It has been demonstrated that a right kind of music like meditative or classical can lift up people with depressive symptoms. But a wrong type like heavy metal or techno music can bring down even more.

  • Music reduces pain:-

Pain causes inability to sleep due to the constant feeling of being hurt in the body. Playing soft music helps in reduction of the pain and sleep.    

Research at Drexel University in Philadelphia found that music therapy reduced pain more than    standard treatments in cancer patients. Other research showed that a right kind or patient preferred music can decrease pain in intensive care patients as well.

There are numerous benefits of music to quote though, music is a healer no matter whether you’re young or old, healthy or sick, happy or sad, music can improve the quality of your life in hundred ways. It reduces stress and anxiety, lifts your mood, boosts your health, helps you sleep better, takes away your pain, and even makes you smarter.

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Benefits Of Listening MusicNikita Bhadoria : Nikita is working with HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd. She has been passionate for writing and been in the field since her schooling days covering variety of topics like Patriotism, Friendships, Mother’s Presence, Movie Characters, Love, Life, Seasons etc. Writing is on the future cards for her and wishes to write stories that inspire people.

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