“Amity University, Maharashtra Marks 77th Independence Day with Spirited Celebrations”


Mumbai, August 15, 2023 – Amity University, Maharashtra, reverberated with patriotic fervor as it marked the 77th Independence Day of India on August 15, 2023. The university’s grounds were adorned with the tricolor, and the atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and national pride.

The celebration commenced in grand fashion with a parade and the hoisting of the national flag at 9:00 am, an event presided over by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. A W Santhosh Kumar. The sight of the unfurling flag against the backdrop of the university’s campus evoked a sense of unity and reverence.

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In a poignant opening remark, Director Hostel and Security Col. Saranjith set the tone for the day’s proceedings. The Vice Chancellor Dr. A W Santhosh Kumar took the stage to address the gathered students and staff, highlighting the significance of the day and the importance of unity among the nation’s youth. He remarked, “The university isn’t merely an academic institution; it holds a significant role in nurturing our students, guiding them towards the path of freedom and their destiny. Amity University Mumbai diligently fulfills its role in shaping and fostering students, with our dedicated staff driving this endeavor. The great vision of our Founder President and our Hon’ble Chancellor will be always remembered. “

The event was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including the Dy. Pro VC, Registrar, Dean Academics, Director Administration, Heads of Institutions, Directors of Schools, Faculty Members, Heads of Departments, Administrative Staff, and Students. Their presence lent an air of solemnity and importance to the occasion.

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After the ceremonial flag hoisting, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Santhosh Kumar symbolically planted a sapling on the campus, underscoring the university’s commitment to environmental sustainability and growth. Additionally, a video paying tribute to the National War Memorial was streamed online, allowing the entire Amity University, Maharashtra community, including staff, faculty members, and students, to collectively honor the sacrifices made for the nation’s freedom.

Amity University, Mumbai, has a rich tradition of actively commemorating the Independence Day on August 15th, ever since its inception. Thecelebrations serve as a testament to the institution’s unwavering dedication to nurturing not only academic excellence but also a deep sense of patriotism among its students.

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