Anki Vector: A Tiny Toy Robot with Great Artificial Intelligence

Anki vector

Have you ever thought about having a personal robot just like the R2D2 from the Space Adventure franchise Star War. Don’t think too much on that just say thanks to Anki Vector. They have made a tiny cute robot that will explore your whole house and will play and share emotions with you just does not have size like R2D2. It is tiny, and you can hold it in your arms. Vector is sibling of the previous model of this category, is named COSMOS. But the COSMOS lacks with Vector in many sense.

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What a Anki Vector Can do?

Secification of Anki Vector:

  • Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1.2GHz

  • 4-microphone array

  • Single point time-of-flight NIR Laser, 1m range

  • 720p camera

  • 802.11n Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth

  • Capacitive top and bottom casing

  • 4 cliff sensors

What is inside Anki Vector:

We want him to provide value and have an emotional bond with you,” says Amy Claussen, senior designer at Anki. “For adults. What is that? Okay, so that is both some entertaining activities, but largely giving some utility to make mundane tasks more fun and more enjoyable.”

In an Article on Anki’s Vector by The Verge:

The usual stuff like timers and the weather works with Vector’s voice assistant, but it all happens with a little more whimsy. Ask it the weather, and it will turn to face you. If it’s raining, little water droplets will cover its face and it’ll get annoyed. When a timer goes off, the whole thing convulses like it’s being shaken by bells. It’s all a little bit like Wall-E, which is fitting as Pixar has been a major inspiration for the company.

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Welcome Anki Vector to Home:

Sure it does look like small and handy version of Wall-E that was made by Pixar in an animated movie. And it amazing to see a robot like Wall-E in real life. Let’s see it soon into our home.

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