NASA Curiosity Rover Completed 6 years on Mars to Discover Water and Life


6 years ago our curiosity, to know what is on Mars and is there any life or water present there, gave birth to this Curiosity Rover. Now this rover have complete its 6 year long journey to find the evidence. Curiosity has spent all of its time in the Gale Crater, where it’s traveled just over 12 miles, yet the rover has captured plenty of stunning images. NASA has also collected photos of the Martian surface using spacecraft and other rovers like Opportunity, which is more than 15 years old.

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One of the internet’s favorite science factoids is that Curiosity sings itself happy birthday every year around this time. It’s a cute bit of trivia that you’ll find in email chains and Facebook feeds from time to time, and it’s partly true, but this year the rover celebrated in silence.


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The rover discovered evidence of sulphur, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon — key ingredients necessary for life — in the powder sample drilled from the “Sheepbed” mudstone in Yellowknife Bay. The sample collected by the rover also revealed clay minerals and not too much salt, which suggests fresh, possibly drinkable water once flowed there.

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