Bishop Cotton School, Shimla


 Bishop Cotton School BCS students enjoy a 35-acre campus nestled in the magnificent Shimla Hills that is both roomy and secure. The clean air promotes a healthy lifestyle, with organised sports being practised daily. A BCS education is comprehensive and values-based. Old Cottonians not only have a superior academic education, but they are also principled, resilient, enterprising, and capable of leading others. Bishop Cotton School is a Shimla based school, in the ecstatic beauty of the hilly region with modern 21st-century atmosphere and purpose and it incorporates British heritage and a global perspective, but still is an Indian school. The school is located only a short distance from Chandigarh and Delhi. The curriculum of the school is set, in such a manner that students learn to face the hardships of life by being in such a conducive environment. The problems of the twenty-first century are complex enough to follow the old methodologies. The school has a bolstering rich history dating back over 150 years. 

Asia’s oldest boys’ residential institution.

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Bishop Cotton School educates students to enter the world with a variety of qualities and talents. The major teachings and lessons of the school are aimed to raise joyful, resilient, self-motivated, confident young men who are up for any challenge that comes their way. As a residential school, it strives to provide the best level of pastoral care to each student who joins and becomes a part of the extended family.

Simon Weale is the current Director of the school, who has been at the forefront to give wings to the institution as such that it is included in the top 20 best schools of India and our Edition. 

“Bishop Cotton School seeks to reach and maintain the greatest standard of quality in its whole education programme, which empowers men with roots in India to live as devoted and good human beings who contribute constructively to the country and its extension.” 

Co-curricular Activities 

The Co-Curricular Program is a programme that combines academics with extracurricular activities. The school actively promotes a wide range of activities that provide the boys with skills that will enable them to succeed in any career they pursue. 

Elocution, debate, and public speaking

Bishop Cotton Alumni (The Old Cottonians Association) are a broad and accomplished collection of individuals who have excelled in several fields all across the world. The OCA mentors and supports Bishop School pupils as they prepare for life after school. 

Debating and elocution are prominent, and the institution teaches and polishes boys’ public speaking skills. The Slater Debates are held yearly by BCS and attract school teams from all around the country to what is considered one of India’s top debating tournaments.


At BCS, drama is quite popular, and the entire student population enjoys competing in inter-house competitions in both English and Hindi. Aside from plays, there are a variety of other programmes on stage, such as dance shows. The boys are also taught how to operate and maintain sound and lighting equipment. 

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The school has a good art department, and the art club provides an outlet for many boys who haven’t selected art as a board subject.


Every Cottonian has a soft spot for music, especially when it comes to singing the school hymn. Indian vocal and instrumental music, western vocal and instrumental music, brass band, and chorus are all taught to the boys. The School Band is made up of the greatest musicians in the school and performs at major events throughout the year. 

Clubs for Academics and Other Interests 

A variety of clubs exist to cater to the guys’ various interests and requirements. The Nature Club, the Creative Writing Club, and the Quizzing Club are just a few examples.

Spiritual Growth and Development 

The school’s founding and tradition place a high value on spiritual development. The school instils respect for all religions in its students, and the morning Chapel service is used to do so. Many religious festivals (both Christian and Hindu) are celebrated simultaneously to introduce youngsters to other cultures and traditions. 

Apart from the Co-curricular and sports activities and competitions, The Outreach Program is a programme that aims to reach out to the less privileged sections of the society, as India has many since it is a developing economy. They are incorporated within the programmes so they can have positive changes, like Community services, being a voice for small sections, or fighting for any injustices. The school finds itself responsible for such acts and thus is critical for students being able to grasp the issues that the less fortunate face, as well as the opportunities for constructive change. 

School-based community service is an important aspect of the curriculum.

The boys are encouraged to participate in one or more of the school’s projects. Our ‘Learning Centre’ for differently-abled children, ‘The Non-Formal Centre’ for underprivileged children, The ‘Girl Adoption Scheme,’ under which the school has adopted seventeen girls and is sponsoring them through their education, The Cancer Care project, which also includes support for the paediatric cancer ward, where the students visit the cancer wards at the Indira Gandhi Hospital,  promoting sustainability through paper recycling plant, tree planting programmes, and forest adoption programmes.SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) is part of the ICSE curriculum, and each boy participates in a variety of tasks for which he is rated at the end of the year. 

Through these programmes, the boys are guided and counselled to raise their awareness of social concerns and acquire civic awareness to become responsible citizens of the country.

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