The Shri Ram School New Delhi


The Shri Ram Institution is a non-public, co-educational school in India. It is, without a doubt, the most sought-after school in the country. The Shri Ram School was founded in July 1988 and now has four campuses in India’s National Capital Region. The first is the Vasant Vihar Junior School in New Delhi, to which the Senior School Moulsari Avenue, DLF Phase III, Gurgaon was added in 1994. 

Under DLF Limited, the Shri Ram School – Aravali was founded in the year 2000. It serves Pravesh Vatika (Nursery), Upvan (Kindergarten), and Class XII students. It is situated at Hamilton Court Complex in Gurgaon’s DLF Phase IV. A new branch, “The Shriram Millennium School,” opened in Noida in 2009.

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All of the grounds follow a standard educational programme; however, the moulsari grounds follow the IB, IGCSE, and ICSE, respectively. From 2012 to 2017, it was rated as the finest ICSE and ISC school for five years in a row. The Special Education Needs Department was established in April 1997 to provide children with special needs with educational opportunities in more modest settings. Children from four to ten years old attend the Vasant Vihar/Aravali Junior School, and when they reach the age of eleven, they attend the Moulsari/Aravali Senior School. 

TSRS was founded in July 1988 by Mrs Manju Bharat Ram under the auspices of SRF Ltd., which is now the SRF Foundation.

Even though it is an English-medium school, Indian culture is highly valued. It is also known for academic excellence, having been named one of the finest two schools in the country based on scholastic performance on the Indian School Certificate Examination, and is the region’s only tuition-based school. It is consistently ranked as not just one of India’s finest schools, but also among the top schools of the Indian foundation, which includes consulate schools in various countries and ISC schools all over the world. It is managed by the Bharat Ram group, which is one of India’s oldest educational trusts.

Students are selected based on their academic abilities. It is noted for having a high rate of dismissal and a low rate of acknowledgement and hence the admissions(about 4%). 

It is also one of the most financially expensive Indian board schools in India, as well as one of the few schools in the country that offers both the IB and Indian board educational programmes. 

Grants and Achievements 

  • In 2010, the school received Education World – India’s Most Respected Schools Survey Awards for being ranked second among India’s day schools, first among India’s day schools in 2011, and third among India’s day schools in 2012 (second in Delhi/NCR). 
  • In 2010, the school was ranked first, 2011 was ranked first, and 2012 was ranked second in the HT Core Awards for Delhi/NCR schools. 
  • In 2011, Education World magazine named Ms Manika Sharma, then-Principal of The Shri Ram School, Vasant Vihar (now Director, TSRS), as one of India’s 28 top school administrators. 
  • Ms Manika Sharma is currently the Principal of Shri Ram School in Vasant Vihar (presently Director, TSRS) was mentioned in the General Council Committee of NCERT for 3 years around 2012. 

Special features of the school and other relevant points worth considering for admissions are: 

  • Research centres 
  • Library 
  • Sports grounds 
  • Transportation facilities
  • Amphitheatres 
  • Clinical guide and medical staff
  • Performing and visual art

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