Columbia Asia Hospital: Family of 21-year-old boy who met with a road accident donates his organs

Columbia Asia Hospital

Bangalore, 22nd January 2020: On 17th January, a Patient by the name Mr Sujan, 21 years old Civil engineering student met with an accident (Skid and fell from two-wheeler) near Doddaballpur.

He was treated at Columbia Asia – Doddaballapur immediately & stabilized and referred to Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal for neurosurgical care.


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The CT scan of the brain showed severe traumatic brain injury, inter hemispheric SDH, diffuse cerebral edema. He was treated medically and even surgical intervention was contemplated. However, the nature of injury was not suitable for any surgical intervention. Hence continued with maximum medical management to preserve brain activity and patient life. He was closely monitored round the clock and medicines were optimized.

His brain injury deteriorated despite of all measures and he slipped into a deep coma on 21/1/2020. A detailed clinical and radiological evaluation showed possible irreversible brain injury. Subsequently he was declared brain dead on 22/1/2020.

The patient’s father, Mother, brother, and uncles understood the condition and expressed their interest to donate the organs with good will.

The hospital respected their request and understanding about organ donation and doing good to others. The process of organ harvesting started in the morning of 22/1/2020 through Zeevansarthakathe, Transplant Authority of Karnataka.

After retrieval of organ, one kidney was transplanted to a patient at Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal. The other kidney and Liver were transplanted to suitable recipients at Sakra World Hospital. Two corneas were handed over to Minto eye hospital.


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