Delhi based social venture INKLUDE to offer inclusive education products for blind students


Delhi, May 04, 2018: A New Delhi based social venture ‘INKLUDE’ has come up with inclusive education products like books and games for visually impaired children and adults. INKLUDE, which aims to change the way Braille and geometrical shapes are taught to the visually impaired, has launched a wide range of educational and recreational aids which can be used by both non-sighted and sighted children together.

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Children who are visually impaired are more reliant on touch or their tactile sense to experience the world. Unfortunately, braille books and aids available are not inclusive which means it is very difficult for a sighted teacher, parent or even a friend to teach a non-sighted child to read . And when it comes to making them understand shapes and geometry, there are no books available which have proper tactile images. The books being introduced by INKLUDE are integrated with special embossing technique which does not disturb the readability of a sighted reader and at the same time can be read by a visually impaired person by sensing the tactile braille and images through their fingers.


Explaining more on this Puneet Arora, Co-Founder at INKLUDE says “Children with Visual impairement are separated from the mainstream for the simple reason that there are no books or games available for them which can be played with their sighted peers together. A normal braille book is not understood by a sighted person because it appears like a punched dots on a plain sheet of paper has no supporting text printed on them. With INKLUDE’s innovative publication ideas, we can include the non-sighted with sighted. INKLUDE products are truly inclusive which means that the same book or games can be read and played jointly by both, sighted and non-sighted.”

INKLUDE is a brand owned by Chanakya Mudrak Pvt. Ltd., an award winning delhi based printing company which has invested last five years in R&D in this domain and has worked on some of country’s prestigious inclusive projects like the development of NCERT’s inclusive Children’s exemplar books, Audio-Braille Accesible Menus, Tactile alphabet books and many more such inclusive products which are unique and unprecedented not only in India, but world over.

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INKLUDE is working indefatigably in this direction to encourage and empower visually challenged population of our country and the world, thus enabling them to lead a life of dignity and productivity. INKLUDE lays special emphasis on education and skill development. It aims to send each and every visually challenged child into mainstream school and highly advocates the concept of integrated education for social fulfilment. It ardently focuses on qualitative education and skill development.

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