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A rich legacy of colourful cultures and diverse traditions can be unravelled in every few kilometres of travel in our country. India is a home to all of this and many more! Its each state, city, nukkad welcomes & weaves our traditions & cultures like nothing else. And, the best way to witness our ethnicity is through our flavours. With Nukkadwala, you can savour India’s first ever luscious Medley of authentic flavours in meals that will surely take you on a flavourful tour of India! Now introducing never before scrumptious Medley Meals, served with exclusive Aloo Chips & refreshing Nimbu Paani/Soda and delicious Kolkata Kathi rolls. That’s not all! All these (& many more) are available at economical prices giving you all the more reasons to dig in.

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What more? Being at Nukkadwala you get plenty reasons to take a nostalgic journey into your childhood! With countless memories, and infinite emotions attached, who doesn’t wish to relive those fond days? Nukkadwala’s new range of chatpata Aam Papad, available at their stores & online as well, surely makes you relive your favourite days again. This is one such treat you just can’t miss! The 4 variants of Aam Papad are- Spicy Meetha Aam Papad, Anardaana Goli, Lal Imli Goli & Chatori Aam Papad. Its each variant promises you the traditional, authentic khatta-meetha taste.

Spicy-Meetha Aam Papad

1. Sweet-spicy/Chatpata dried mango sheets.

2. Purpose: Anti-oxidant, Digestion worries, Nausea, Relishing Simply as a Treat.

3. Eating Pattern: Mostly After Meals, During Uneasiness/Nausea, Invariably.

4. Marketing Communication: The lasting meetha aur teekha flavour, savour it today or savour it later, incessantly fuelling your yaadein for it’s the Spicy-Meetha Aam Papad-your saviour!

Chatori Aam Papad:

1. Pre-salted, sour dried mango in strips.

2. Purpose: Boosting Digestive Enzymes, Nausea, and Relishing simply as a Treat.

3. Eating Pattern: Mostly Post-Meal, Invariably.

4. Marketing Communication: A flavour so chataakedaar, making your tongue tingle every baar. How can one miss out on the Chatori Aam Papad with an undying swaad that’s always so mazedaar! Relish your portion at the NukkadWala near you!

Anardaana Goli:

1. Sweet- tangy candy made with pomegranate seeds powdered and blended with herbs, spices.

2. Purpose: Digestion, Acidity etc., Relishing simply as a Treat

3. Eating Pattern: Mostly After Meals, Invariably.

4. Marketing Communication: With NukkadWala’s mazedaar Anardana Goli, let’s recreate your bachpan ki yaadein with that khatti-meethi boli. What’s keeping you waiting? Savour it at your nearest NukkadWala now!

Lal Imli Goli:

1. Sweet & tangy candy made with tamarind blended with dry mango, sugar & salt.

2. Purpose: Digestion, Gastric inflations, Nausea, Bloating, Controlling blood-cholesterol, Relishing simply as a Treat.

3. Eating Pattern: After Meals, during uneasiness/Nausea, Invariably.

4. Marketing Communication: That Imli ka chataaka you can’t resist, with a khatta-meetha swaad giving your mood a lift! Yes, it’s the Lal Imli Goli you’ve always wished! Take it away just at Nukkadwala now!

NukkadWala also represents the newest chain of smart and stylish QSR (Quick Service Restaurant). Successfully running their 10 stores across Delhi NCR, they are now planning to expand their operations in London, New York & Dubai. So, if you still haven’t been a part of this beautiful journey, visit their nearest store now!

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