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Kolkata, August 2023: Globally, lab-grown diamonds are emerging as an alternative to natural diamonds. But if you’re looking to get similar sparkle out of your jewelry while saving a good chunk of money, you may want to go the lab grown diamond route. This is what drew Pratik Dugar, a seventh generation jeweller, to lab-grown diamonds, for he had always been looking to create a brand that was affordable, fashionable and future-ready. Acting on this new-found fervour, Pratik launched his first flagship store of lab grown diamond jewelry, ‘Espera’ on July 30, 2023 in Kolkata.

From gorgeous engagement rings in all shapes and sizes to an array of timeless baubles, ‘Espera’ has tons of stunning pieces that make great gifts or fabulous treats for personal use too. Espera’s aim is simple: to make sustainable jewellery without compromising on quality or design. From bold necklaces to delicate bracelets, stunning rings to delightful earrings, every diamond piece is meticulously crafted with modern-meets-heritage flair and designed to endure as a personal treasure. The label carries an assortment of striking ready-to-wear pieces, from timeless tennis bracelets and glitzy tear-drop earrings to bold, art-deco-inspired rings and more, crafted in 18k gold and platinum. What’s more, the label extends the option to customize your lab grown diamond jewellery as well. Simply choose from a variety of popular shapes and settings or, opt to connect with the brand to bring your bespoke vision to life.

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“We are delighted to present our remarkable Lab-grown jewellery offering. The new store will create an engaging and immersive experience for customers. We have always believed in making jewellery accessible to everyone, and this new line is a testament to that commitment. Lab-grown diamonds are exactly the same on the molecular level as mined diamonds and are just as beautiful as their counterparts and will cost much less. It is hard to differentiate mined diamonds and lab-grown ones with the naked eye as they are chemically of the same composition”, said Mr Pratik Dugar, Owner/Founder, Espera.

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Adding to their appeal, lab grown diamonds is a more ethical alternative to mined diamonds—an industry that’s notoriously been linked to the use of child labour and fueling conflict. The state-of-the-art technology allows the brand to masterfully replicate the exceptional brilliance and unrivaled fire that characterizes these pristine gemstones. Each
lab-grown diamond undergoes rigorous scrutiny, meeting the rigorous standards upheld by the gemological community. Moreover, the decision to purchase a lab-grown diamond signifies your commitment to preserving Earth’s precious resources for future generations. Your choice becomes a testament to your dedication towards responsible consumerism, promoting positive change in the industry.

Just as with every other part of our wardrobes, there are more opportunities than ever to be sustainable and environmentally friendly when it comes to purchasing jewellery. ‘Espera’ creates high-quality yet sustainable pieces that cater to a variety of budgets.

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