How to Complete the Entire Syllabus Well in Time When Exams are Near


For those students who neglect their books all through the year, exam time becomes a nightmare. It turns into a race to see how fast they can cram an entire year’s syllabus. However, during a time of such excruciating exam pressure, students need to realise that studying for complete 12 hours a day is not a healthy routine and it’s harmful to their health. Instead, students should plan everything well in advance and a long time before the exams approach, especially for students pursuing engineering, medical or BBA course. Planning ensures that they can complete the entire syllabus when exams are near. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve that:

1. Study Small Portions

It is highly beneficial to study a part of syllabus every day instead of taking on massive portions. If students rush with all the chapters they haven’t yet studied, they will not be able to memorise what they studied during the exam day. Short study sessions can range from 45 minutes to 1 hour. To make that small session constructive, students should not only study with proper planning but also make use of a productive strategy.

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2. Take Breaks

The ideal period of continuous study is 2 hours. This period can be broken down into slots of 25 minutes of intense studying followed by 5 minutes of break. However, if students need to continue studying, they can take longer breaks of 20 minutes after every 2 hours. Furthermore, when students are on a ‘break’, they are required to keep their mind free from any exam related stress or thoughts. If students use their break time to plan the next round of study or discuss the syllabus with friends, then their mind is not on a break. If their mind doesn’t take a proper break, the next study session is not going to be as effective as it needs to be.

3. Focus on Core Material

The study material in every syllabus is divided into two sections — core material and elaborative material. Core material usually consists of important principles, formulae, theorems, graphs, and essential diagrams. On the other hand, the elaborative material includes quotes, illustrations, and examples. Mostly 80% of the questions asked in an exam come from the core material. Therefore, it’s highly crucial for students to concentrate on the core material first and then move onto the elaborative material. They should also study the question patterns of the previous year’s papers and make sure they aren’t spending too much time on topics which hold less weight.

4. Shift Between Exam Categories

Before students make their timetable for the day, they need to take into account that the subjects they study are divided into three categories. The first category involves memory dependant subjects such as Biology, Geography, and History which consists much content that needs to be mugged up. The second category includes problem-solving subjects like Maths and Physics. The last category consists of Interpretation based subjects like English Literature and foreign languages. For an effective study session, students should alternate between each category of subjects in long study periods.

5. Learn and Write

While reading a chapter, highlighting essential topics help a lot in understanding the chapter. Also, when students write down the significant points they read in a notebook, it helps them retain information even more. Furthermore, it’s highly beneficial for students to learn main points loudly and write them down. This ensures that students don’t just read the points, but they understand it too.

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The best tip is never to skip studies to another day. If students blindly follow their study schedule, they’ll be able to complete their syllabus well in advance. This will not only ensure good marks but also freed the student from unnecessary stress.

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