Concentration on work is important in all sphere of life. Effective study is only possible if you study with full attention throwing off mind all the irrelevant thoughts which interrupt in the process of learning.

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Concentration means to throw off mind all unnecessary thoughts and converge all the mental capabilities on a point. Normally the rays of sun do not burn a paper, because these rays are dispersed but if the rays of sun are converged on paper with the help of lens, it burns the paper at once.

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Similarly converging your mental capabilities enables productive study – the power of concentration.

EasyShiksha guides you all to increase your concentration power in easy and simple ways :

Try to get full sleep

Take at least six hour rest for refreshment and relaxation of your mind. A fresh mind can concentrate more easily.

Take regular exercise

Brain takes its nutrients from blood for functioning properly. Physical exercise speeds up blood circulation to brain and brain gets well nourished as well as brain gets rid of waste products. Physical exercise is necessary for enhancing power of concentration.

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Study in a place with no or less distractions

Your study place should be free from such things which may absorb your attention, i.e television, music, changing color bulbs, maps etc. Similarly study in quiet place free from sound distractions.

Avoid multi-tasking

While you study avoid playing with other things. Like you study as well as texting to friends on cell phone or making hair styles or one eye on television and one eye on book.

Similarly study one subject in one time.

Have free mind

Throw off your mind all the irrelevant thoughts while you study. If you are obsessed by a certain idea, try to find a solution to your problem first. Stress makes it difficult to concentrate.

Fixation of priorities

Fixation of priorities, what should be done first and what should be done next, is very important for having full concentration in your work. If you don’t fix your priorities and work haphazardly, it is more likely you start thinking while doing one task “shouldn’t I do the other task first as that is more important”. This thought will not let you work with concentration. Make time-table for your subject and follow it.

Take short breaks in long study

If you study for a long time, you get bore and can’t maintain concentration on work.

You should refresh your mind by taking short breaks to maintain your concentration on study.

Have interest in your study

Lack of motivation and interest leads to boredom and dividend attention so develop your interest in your studies.

Have good breakfast

Your breakfast should contain items with high protein content, carbohydrates and low sugar content. When you get up from sleep, have good diet though normally you should take light diet.

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Don’t take too much tea or coffee

Tea or coffee has caffeine that gives you more strength for sometime but soon leaves you sluggish.

Concentration Exercises

There some exercises which improve your power of concentration, some of which are:
*PRANAYAM -Perform pranayam regularly.

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*MEDITATION -Perform meditation at any time suitable.Mostly people prefer to do this early in the morning. While doing this, don’t pressurize your brain rather sit calmly and in a relaxed position.
*COUNT BACKWARDS— Another exercise to increase concentration is count backwards in your mind from hundred to one. Once you have mastered this, move on to counting backwards from hundred to one but this time skipping three numbers such as 100, 97, 94, 91, 88 etc.
*OBSERVE – Get any physical object—a fruit, a small furniture, a toy—and examine it closely and carefully. Take note of its characteristics and features while keeping your mind from straying away and starting to entertain other thoughts—keep your complete attention on the thing you currently have in your hands. Take note of its color, shape, texture, even the smell.

These exercises won’t show effect in say one week or a month. EasyShiksha advises you to do it regularly without any day off and it will definitely pay you back. Follow these tips word by word and you will increase your concentration power in some time.


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