India Vs. Canada Conflict: How It Affects Indian Students Studying Abroad?


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The recent increased diplomatic tension between India Vs. Canada conflict has raised concerns among students who are studying there and those who want to complete their education in Canada. It is a two-way amid tension between both countries. Also, this will affect aspiring individuals willing to pursue their higher education in Canada. As the relationship between Canada and India has started to downturn, Indian students who desire to study in Canada are confused due to future concerns. And, to understand the depth of the issue better, it’s important to know how the rift started between India Vs. Canada? 

How Did the Conflict Started Between India Vs. Canada?

When the Indian Government was preparing to hold a special session in the New Parliament building, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, stood up in the Canadian Parliament and made a shocking announcement. He said that Indian agents were involved in the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar (Previously declared a terrorist). Such allegations came after when Mr Trudeau was in India for the G-20 summit. However, the Indian Government said that no specific evidence was provided by the Canadian National Security Adviser who had travelled to India for the case. 

After the allegation, India responded in the same way and ejected a Canadian Diplomat. Also, the Indian Government has suspended the Canadian Visa services and will not accept applications for any mission from Canada around the world, the Ministry of External Affairs said. This decision will affect students who are already in Canada. 

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How It Affects Indian Students Studying Abroad? 

According to the Reports of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, more than 4,00,000 international students arrived in Canada in 2023 and around 40% are from India. After the immediate action made by India and Canada, there are many factors that can affect aspiring students as well as scholars who are already in Canada. Many learners have concerns about what will happen if Canada stops issuing Visas to Indians. 

Delay in the Start of Studies

The current situation can impact the studies of aspiring students who have applied for the upcoming intakes in Canada. Also, the representative of Canadian Universities who came to India for an education fair in Hyderabad said that the ongoing process could delay the Visa process. They also pointed out the delays in study permits and advised them to plan for next year’s intakes. 

Down Playing Situation

There are many consultants in India who have been helping students and their parents regarding the current situation. However, the situation and fear are real, but no one can predict the future. The major concern of students is that visa delays can cause them to postpone their plans. So, they should not downplay the situation and wait until the situation becomes normal.

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Safety of Students

The parents of students (who are studying in Canada) thought there were safety concerns for their children after the Indian Government suspended the Visa process to express their displeasure against Canada. Concerned people can hope that the situation won’t last and their children may not face racism there. 

India Vs. Canada surely impacts aspiring students and those who are already there. However, the hope that the situation can be normal with time can be the only thing that students can do. 

Summing It Up:

The current situation due to the India Vs. Canada’s conflict puts the aspiring students in two minds. However, the best consultants in India are trying to help more and more students and their parents. It can be valuable for aspiring ones to be aware of the situation’s latest update and hope the situation does not stay longer. The effects of Visa suspension can affect students, but they can contact consultants to know how to deal with this concern. So it can be easier for them to control the situation and handle it without struggling.

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