International Tiger Day: TSWY puts up the Global Tiger Day event to bring into light the declining tiger population in India


In what was a concerted effort to condemn grisly acts of animal cruelty and propagate a message of tiger safety, The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Rohini celebrated Global Tiger Day to raise awareness about protecting tigers. According to the Tiger census conducted in 2018, there are only 2,967 tigers left in India.

The students of Nanhe Kadam, Pyaare Kadam, and Badhte Kadam were informed about the importance of conserving tigers for proper maintenance of habitat balance and eco-cycle. Moreover, the session had teachers moulding students into animal lovers and tiger lovers. It was to instil a sense of compassion and enhanced sensibility among kids towards animals. Children were educated not to fall into the sensory pleasures of material belongings and fur-based products for which tigers are killed on a large scale. They were taught to see a bigger humanistic picture, think about environmental sustenance, and show empathy towards animals as well.


The school also planned different activities like fine and gross motor skill activities in which students of Nanhe Kadam participated. Pyaare and Badhte Kadam kids made tiger bookmarks.

At the event’s close, Shubhi Soni, Head of the School, TSWY, said, “Tiger is the national animal of India. But the condition of tigers is deplorable in the country. They are unsafe and reduced to thousands. At the Global Tiger Day program, we tried to enlighten students about the relevance of tigers in our eco-cycle and culture. They are symbols of might, bravery, and fearlessness. Compassion, Empathy, and respect for all life forms are human virtues, and they need to be fostered from a very young age. Students got to learn a lot and pledged to contribute toward tiger conservation and denounce baleful violence towards animals.”

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