JK Paper and AIC-JKLU to jointly run ‘Sustainable Biomaterial Based Solutions–Accelerator program’ for national & international start-ups


AIC-JKLU announced the ‘Sustainable Biomaterial Based Solutions–Accelerator program in collaboration with JK Paper, where national & international start-ups will have the opportunity to work on specific problem statements that Indian paper industries are going through and develop innovative products and solutions.

This programme is a strategic partnership between AIC-JKLU and JK Paper to enrol a cohort of start-ups for working on a problem statement where the start-ups will be mentored and supported to develop innovative solutions to improve the product/process or service pertaining to paper industries. This programme presents a unique opportunity for start-ups from India and around the world to participate and become part of an exceptional cohort that aims to redefine the future.

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With this programme, AIC-JKLU is inviting Indian and International start-ups to address 2 crucial problem statements Indian paper industries are facing today and create sustainable solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the industry. Let’s dive into the problem statements:

Problem Statement 1: “Lignocellulosic biomass-based value-added product/solutions as a replacement for fossil-derived materials for application in (but not limited to) industries such as healthcare, pharma, textile, biomaterials, packaging, energy, etc. with raw material available in India.”

Problem Statement 2: “Value-added bio-based products from existing Pulp and Paper manufacturing sites (using hardwood and Kraft pulping process) leveraging input, side and/or waste streams.”

Indian & International start-ups which are at the revenue stage and possess a deep understanding of these challenges are encouraged to apply for this program. By participating, they will have access to a wide range of offerings specifically designed to accelerate their growth. Moreover, theymay also get the opportunity to receive investment or acquisition offers from JK Organisation itself.

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Joining the AIC-JKLU ‘Sustainable Biomaterial Based Solutions–Accelerator program’ can provide start-ups with expert mentorship as they can benefit from the guidance of industry veterans, experienced entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts who will provide invaluable insights and mentorship to help shape the enterprise’s success.

Apart from that, start-ups will have the chance to experience cutting-edge infrastructure and avail state-of-the-art facilities and resources at AIC-JKLU, including dedicated co-working spaces, research labs, and access to an extensive network of industry partners.

The program also comes with funding opportunities to unlock the potential for securing investment or acquisition offers from JK Organisation, a renowned conglomerate with a rich history of supporting innovative ventures.

With a rich access to networks under the program, start-upscan expand their horizons through a vast network of investors, corporate partners, and industry professionals, opening doors to collaboration, strategic alliances, and market expansion.

In addition, start-ups can gain validation and recognition for their innovative solutions as they can showcase themselves to an audience of investors, industry experts, and potential customers.

The application period is open from 24th July 2023 until 31st August 2023, so make sure to submit your application and be part of this exciting journey.

This partnership will help build innovations that will help the paper industries, in particular, and society in general and will also positively impact environmental sustainability. This program will also foster a greater contribution towards start-up ecosystem & innovation.

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AIC-JKLU is at the forefront of the innovation ecosystem in India. Established with the support of AIM, NITI Aayog and JK Lakshmipat university in 2019, Since then, it has impacted 500+ start-ups, 1000+ jobs created.JK Paper is the leading player in office papers, coated papers, writing & printing papers and high-end packaging boards. The company is part of the esteemed JK Organization and operates advanced manufacturing facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology.