36th Mass Wedding by NSS witnessed 21 differently-abled individuals urging people ‘To Get Vaccinated’ to fight against COVID-19

  • 21 differently abled and underprivileged couples took oath to inspire people for getting vaccinated
  • 21 differently abled and underprivileged couples ask people to adhere COVID-19 protocol
  • Couples promoted ‘Say No To Dowry’

National, 13 September, 2021: Narayan Seva Sansthan in an attempt to help individuals who are underprivileged- organised 36th Mass wedding ceremony in Udaipur, where 21 differently-abled couples tied the knot and pledged by ‘Say No To Dowry’. The campaign has been promoted by NSS abiding by the norms of social distancing during their mass wedding ceremony.

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In the 36th Mass Wedding ceremony, Narayan SevaSansthan’s 21 newly wedded differently-abled and underprivileged couples urged people ‘To get Vaccinated‘during their wedding ceremony. In the 19-year-old flagship mass wedding ceremony, NSS and all those who were a part of the ceremony followed social distancing and wore masks. The differently-abled and underprivileged couples got married with wedding gifts provided by the family members and donors.

26-year-old DivyangRoshanLal of Udaipur is preparing for the REET exam in Rajasthan. Whose free operation and skill training classes are provided from Narayan SevaSansthan. 32-year-old Kamala Kumari is going to be Roshan’s life partner in the ceremony.

RoshanLal, a resident of Udaipur says, “Some lessons we learn from life are when you need very few steps forward to support and we think these few have made a huge difference to the lives of people like us. Narayan SevaSansthan has been a pillar as it came forward and gave us the direction of life, due to which we are now moving towards a new life. I am sure I will be able to be a good teacher too someday in this life. ”

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Prashant Agarwal, President, Narayan SevaSansthan says, “36th Divyang Mass Marriage Ceremony is an event which is very close to our hearts. As we are entering the 19th year of this flagship campaign related to this – ‘Say No To Dowry’ we are glad that our efforts have paid off and the organisation has so far helped 2109 couples in leading a happy and prosperous married life. Over the years we have been conducting free corrective surgeries, distribution of ration kits, measurements and operating limbs for the differently abled, conducting skill development classes and mass marriage ceremonies as well as talent development activities to empower the differently-abled.”

Manoj Kumar, a resident of Surat, Gujarat, is working in Tata Motors. He has also been operated in NSS for leg operation. Manoj says, “I am extremely happy to see how I found SantKumari to be the best partner in my life through the Sansthan.”

24-year-old DivyangSantKumari says, “The differently abled individuals want to be treated equally and justly in the society.” After marriage, she wants to start her own startup through her stitching skills. So that she can not only extend support to her husband Manoj but also financial support in life. By becoming financially independent, people with disabilities are generally accepted in the society and they get equal opportunities to move forward.

At the ceremony, couples from several states approached NSS for assistance in their weddings. Due to COVID-19, we have shortlisted couples from 5 states where 21 couples got married in the wedding by sending the message of wearing masks to fight COVID-19.

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