International Day Of Peace: 21st September


In today’s race, man wanders here and there in search of peace and is getting away from peace. The way unrest has spread in the world, this word has got lost somewhere. International Day of Peace is mainly celebrated to establish peace and non-violence all over the world. Today is International Peace Day. Earlier it was always celebrated on the third Saturday of September but since 2001 it has been declared every year on 21st September as ‘International Day of Peace’ or ‘World Day of Peace’.

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On this day, peace messengers are remembered in the world, internationally Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhutto, Napoleon Bonaparte, Buddha spread the message of peace in the world and gave up their lives in the name of peace messenger. . The General Assembly had declared to observe this day as the International Day of Peace in order to strengthen the ideals of peace among all countries and peoples within the country. Today let us explain to you the importance of this day.

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In fact, after the First World War, a peace conference was held in Paris, in which many great countries participated. The United Nations tried to run this campaign until the end of World War II. That is why even today the UN celebrates this day globally. However, there was no official confirmation on calling this day International Day of Peace. But still on 21st September every year this day is celebrated in this form.International Day of Peace was first celebrated on 21 September 1982 in which people from many countries, political groups, military groups, were involved. The theme of the first International Day of Peace was ‘Right to Peace of People’.

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After war there is a search for peace. After the Second World War the world became very turbulent. This day was celebrated for the first time in the year 1981. Actually, this day is celebrated on the third Saturday of September. But from the year 2001 onwards, this day started being celebrated only on 21st September.After so many wars and battles it was necessary to spread the message of peace in the world. In such a situation, as soon as the war ended, people came forward to help each other and started celebrating this day with goodwill.

Maintaining peace in the whole world has become the main goal of the United Nations today. The United Nations was born to prevent international conflict and develop a culture of peace. In this era of conflict, terror and unrest, it has become very important to propagate the importance of peace. That’s why the United Nations, and all its institutions, non-governmental organizations, civil societies and national governments celebrate ‘International Day of Peace’ every year on 21 September.To take the message of peace to every nook and corner of the world, the United Nations has also appointed world famous personalities from the world of art, literature, cinema, music and sports as peace ambassadors. The United Nations General Assembly dedicated this day three decades ago to the strengthening of peaceful ideas among all countries and their inhabitants.

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