Medusa is now available in 5 cities

Now available in Delhi, Punjab, Chadigarh, UP and  Chattisgarh


New Delhi, 17th October 2019: Medusa , an Indian craft beer is all set to spread the wings and creates its own space in crowded Alco beverage market. After getting launched in Delhi last year now they have entered into markets of Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh and Chattisgarh. 

In Delhi the beer is available in approx. 650 retail outlets and in some of the premium café and restaurants with width of distribution of 90% in retail outlets. Having their brewery based out in   Punjab the brand is available in more than 2000 retail outlets and in Chandigarh they are available in around 75 retail outlets out of 90 outlets, also in some of the premium cafes and restaurants of Chandigarh. In UP they are selling in more than 40 districts and moving towards the east in Chattisgarh they have WOD of around 80% of the total retail outlets.

After achieving a huge success in their venture and reaching at a milestone of selling 3 lakhs cases in Delhi in its first year where no other brand from past 20 years have sold in their first year, Medusa is all set to launch the brand in Goa by the end of this year. 

Expressing his joy on the expansion of the venture Mr. Avneet Singh, MD & CEO, Medusa Beverages Pvt Ltd said “ Creating a brand and making space for it is a tough job in today’s highly competitive market.  I am glad & grateful that people have liked and appreciated our product, with this power and acceptance we really look forward for our  further  market expansion plans to become a PAN India player.”

Currently, Medusa is available in two SKUs, 650 ml bottle and 500 ml can. The company is planning to soon add three more SKUs, 330ml can, 550ml bottle, and 330ml bottle towards the end of this year. 

Medusa may also look at introducing a mild version of the Premium lager soon. They would also look at strengthening their ‘on-trade’ presence in a major way in the coming years. 

About Medusa

Medusa was born in 2018 with the only objective to support the millennial consumers who are looking out for new taste and flavor in the Indian market. Medusa is an India –based beer company with a strategic marketing division and a quirky and contemporary packaging. Medusa understands that beer is a passion, a lifestyle choice and importantly, a historic drink with a unique culture that needs to be preserved.  Over the years, medusa has become the perfect combination of best barley malt and imported hops from Germany with 5.9% alcohol strength. Medusa brand logo is inspired by the original character of a beautiful girl in Greek mythology who later cursed her beauty by Athena, turning onlookers to stone

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